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AzuraCast is the free and open-source software suite that makes web radio simple!

Learn more and get started today at Contribute at

Join us in our Discord ( or Slack ( groups, too!

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AzuraCast is a free and open-source self-hosted web radio station in a box! Our helpful installer tools and powerful web interface let you manage every aspect of your station directly from your browser. Learn more at or our GitHub

AzuraCast is the free and open-source software suite that makes web radio simple!

Learn more and get started today at Contribute at

Join us in our Discord ( or Slack ( groups, too!

We are stretched emotionally and financially thin as we struggle to adapt to this rapidly evolving and devastating situation.

It is not necessary or helpful to contact us via e-mail or mention us directly in an effort to expedite your request. Your patience is appreciated.

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We understand that many of you are now working harder than before on projects like your radio stations, and we appreciate the sense of urgency this gives you when you find problems.

Please understand, however, that our small team is also enduring the same challenges we all are.

At home with a little extra time on your hands? Support your favorite open-source projects!

Free and open-source software (like ours) is available to everyone around the world, regardless of income.

You can submit translations, pull requests, bug reports and new feature ideas.

These are trying times for many of us, but your continued support is what keeps food on our plates and keeps us working hard to build software for you.

You can support us on GitHub (, Patreon ( or Ko-Fi (!

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It's been just 60 days since our last minor point release, but in that time we've accomplished so much, not only fixing and improving existing functionality but adding brand new features.

Check out AzuraCast 0.9.9's changelog here:

New feature: When previewing tracks that have a set duration (i.e. via the Music Files page), you can now see the track's duration and seek through it using the built-in player in the header menu.

We've added the ability to manage "banned" listener IPs from the web interface. IPs can be supplied one-by-one or in CIDR-notated groups. This feature works the same on both Icecast and SHOUTcast. Banned IPs can be managed via the station profile, under the "Broadcasting" tab.

For stations hosting their broadcasts on AzuraCast, we offer a built-in "web proxy" that passes traffic through nginx, taking advantage of either LetsEncrypt or reverse proxy (Cloudflare, etc) security. LetsEncrypt certs set up also apply to Icecast installations directly.

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With the general release of Chrome version 80, audio and video "mixed content" streams will be auto-upgraded to HTTPS with no HTTP fallback. If you follow our LetsEncrypt guide for your installation, you can secure your streams and avoid any issues:

You can find this new page under the "Utilities" submenu on the station management sidebar.

If you've added custom configuration to Liquidsoap before, it has been automatically migrated over to its former location in the new editor (near the bottom of the file).

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We have a new feature for power users: a new rich editor for Liquidsoap configuration, which shows our auto-generated configuration alongside your user-supplied custom code. We've also added many more locations where you can add custom code into the auto-generated configuration.

Any custom configuration mounted inside that folder will be included inside AzuraCast's "location { }" section in nginx, so you can add custom configuration without needing to overwrite the entire original config file.

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Our latest update makes changes to our nginx configuration for improved performance; if you've modified your nginx configuration, you should update to the latest version.

For Docker users, we've added a folder where you can add custom configuration:

For years now, we've been constantly improving AzuraCast. Our latest features represent the most highly requested ones by our station owners worldwide.

Help keep development going strong by donating today. GitHub Sponsors will have donations matched!

The "Enforce Schedule" setting is set per-streamer so you can simultaneously have streamers with and without that restriction.

We are working on building public API endpoints to view upcoming schedule entries for stations that want to show their listeners this information.

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AzuraCast has three new exciting features in testing.

With the latest version, you can:
- Set scheduled times for Streamers/DJs,
- Only allow streamers to connect during their scheduled time slots, and
- View all scheduled playlists/streamers on the station's profile page.

We actually get a lot of questions about this, so just to clear things up: the voice of both our default error message and the promotion we posted yesterday is our lead developer, :)

Help us spread the word about AzuraCast!

Let your listeners know that your station is powered by our free and open-source web radio suite by adding our 30-second promotional clip to your playlists:

Today is

Radio still has immense value in today's world as a way of discovering and spreading curated music collections.

On the web, thousands of stations use to power their online radio presence. We're proud to be a part of the world of radio!

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