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AzuraCast is a free and open-source self-hosted web radio station in a box! Our helpful installer tools and powerful web interface let you manage every aspect of your station directly from your browser. Learn more at or our GitHub

If you're interacting with the AzuraCast API from another PHP application, you should try out our PHP API client:

The client is also listed in the Composer Packagist repository, so you can just run:

composer require azuracast/php-api-client

Our existing charts library, Highcharts, doesn't carry a license that's truly "free and open", so we're beginning the process of replacing it with charts.js, a fully FOSS option. In the process, we're also adding full textual chart readouts into the HTML for accessibility.

Keep in mind, as always, that we are a very small team. There are two active developers working on AzuraCast, and we work very hard! We can't always catch every bug before the releases, though. Using our "rolling release" updates helps ensure you get these fixes immediately.

If you're having trouble with a release version, try updating to the very latest "rolling release" version of AzuraCast (updating without the --release flag, etc). We often find and fix bugs a few hours or days after point releases, but it'll be a while before another release.

It's only been 45 days since our last tagged release, but AzuraCast 0.9.5 is out today, featuring:
- Big theme improvements across the system
- The overhauled schedule section
- API endpoints for every major function
- A new, prettier public player!

Notably, this means the "play on days per week" setting is based on the station's time zone, and Liquidsoap/Icecast/etc logs are too.

Another minor related change: "once daily" playlists have been merged back into "scheduled"; just set both start and end to the same time.

Time zones have been overhauled! Now each *station* has its own time zone, and the AutoDJ is scheduled around the station's local time. This fixes a whole class of time conversion issues. We've also made the time selectors HTML5 time fields, so you can input specific minutes.

We've created a new resource page for resellers looking to use AzuraCast commercially or provide hosting services. This page clarifies our license, commercial support, and talks about our new program to promote partner resellers on our own web site!

We've made some important visual improvements to our UI, making headings more distinct, forms more intuitive and better arranged, and buttons a little bigger and easier to click or tap. Try it out and let us know what you think!

Did you know you can "Clone" an existing station to create another one with the same media, playlists, mount points and more?

We've just rebuilt the clone tool from the ground up to include more items, reduce performance load and preserve playlist-to-media assignment.

In April, one new backer joined. We received $1 from 1 backer. Our current balance is $25.

Top backers:,,

Thank you! 🙏

If you prefer to make a one-time donation, you can find our lead developer's Ko-fi page here:

Keep in mind AzuraCast is a very active project with daily development that has been ongoing for years. Your continued support is very important to us.

Tens of thousands of you have used our Docker and Ansible installers; thousands of you are continuing to run AzuraCast day-to-day on your stations.

Currently, only 15 users donate to support the project.

We work on AzuraCast *every day*. Please help us!

We've spent the last few weeks getting our API to reach parity with our web interface. Our API is now more powerful than ever! Manage stations, settings, roles, users, custom fields, media, playlists, mount points, remote relays, streamers/DJs, and more.

Thank you to for your donation to help support AzuraCast's OpenCollective. Your contribution makes a huge difference!

Thanks to the help of volunteers from around the world, AzuraCast is now fully translated into French and Polish!

Help us translate AzuraCast by visiting

In order to help clear up our GitHub issues section, we're moving new feature requests to FeatureUpvote, where you can comment and vote on the feature you'd like to see the most.

Check out our existing feature requests and submit your own at

We moved the radio player we use in our public player and embeds into its own standalone Vue single-file component. Now you can use this one file as a base for your own radio player, or use it directly and build it for your web site:

As our project's popularity grows, our support workload has greatly increased, but our donations haven't kept up with this. It's now a full-time job to maintain AzuraCast; please help us keep food on the table for doing this work by supporting us:

As a friendly request, if you're developing plugins or otherwise customizing the AzuraCast source code, please turn error reporting *off* for your instance! We're getting a ton of error reports for code we didn't write, and it's using up our monthly quotas. Thanks!

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