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AzuraCast is a free and open-source self-hosted web radio station in a box! Our helpful installer tools and powerful web interface let you manage every aspect of your station directly from your browser. Learn more at or our GitHub

Today we've also made some changes to how our AutoDJ rotates the tracks in normal playlists to both avoid playing the same song back-to-back AND to avoid playing the same *artist* back-to-back, as this is sometimes an issue with song royalty boards.

We hear you, station owners! As of today's latest update, "Next Song" is back. We missed it too.

After conferring with the Liquidsoap experts, we opted to reimplement our older AutoDJ system (which includes "next song"), but with the improvements we've made since then added in.

AzuraRelay has been updated to support LetsEncrypt (using the same syntax as AzuraCast) with auto-renewal, to report listener statistics back to the "parent" AzuraCast instance, and to automatically list its own relays in AzuraCast for listeners to select.

Currently, AzuraRelay is in a very early development stage, but you can start testing it today. Your parent AzuraCast instance will need to be up-to-date as of today as well, and relay listener stats don't get sent back to the parent installation yet (that's next on our to-do).

We're proud to introduce a new project in early development: AzuraRelay, a "relay-in-a-box" that connects to a parent AzuraCast instance and automatically configures itself to relay all of its stations. No extra work required. It's radio scaling made easy!

We've reached a HUGE milestone today: 500 stars on GitHub! What started as a small hobby project has grown into an increasingly popular free and open-source alternative to proprietary, commercial web radio software. We're humble and immensely grateful for your support!

In June, we received $6 from 2 backers. Our current balance is $34.

Top backers:,,

Thank you! 🙏

We'd like to shout out our friends at for supporting non-profit projects like ours, and for building a powerful, easy-to-use Git management and collaboration tool! Get started using GitKraken for free at

We haven't been able to test with the new Raspberry Pi 4 (you can help our lead developer get one by donating at ), but we strongly suspect it will work without any issues, offering even better performance and more available memory.

In the vast majority of situations we still strongly recommend Docker and will only support new Docker installations; given the hardware limitations and small operating margins of ARM/RPi hardware, however, Ansible is particularly well-suited in this case and is thus recommended.

We know many of you want to use AzuraCast on your RaspberryPi/ARM devices, so we've done some testing with our latest version and confirmed that our Ansible installation works perfectly as long as you install the right Ubuntu version. We made a guide here:

Streaming web radio to a video service on top of a looping video is all the rage these days! We've released an example script that shows you how to integrate your AzuraCast station with a video stream, complete with a now-playing text overlay:

Some of you have mentioned that our documentation is confusing and located in too many locations. We've consolidated all of our help guides, FAQs, installation guides and developer docs onto our homepage. Now you can find everything in one place: at

We've identified and fixed a bug with our Docker installations that would cause some web site operations to fail if the installation had been online but inactive for more than 12 hours. Broadcasting is unaffected by this bug. Updating is recommended for all Docker users!

To take advantage of the new larger port range, simply answer "Y" when you're asked if you want to update your docker-compose.yml file when running `./ update`.

We have expanded our default port range on Docker installations to include the ports for the first 50 stations, up from the first 10. If you need to use even more ports than that, you can follow our instructions on how to expand the port range:

AzuraCast is out! This is primarily a bug fix release with significant improvements to AutoDJ reliability, but it also includes the new live zero-downtime backups tool and a station time clock. Updating is recommended for all release users.

We've added instructions for using AzuraCast with SAM Cast:

As you can see, our streaming instructions are themselves part of an open-source repository. We eagerly welcome any pull requests and contributions to make this documentation better!

In May, 2 backers joined (, +2) - you are the best! 🙌

We received $6 from 2 backers. Our current balance is $29.

Top backers:,,

Thank you! 🙏

As sad as it makes our lead developer (it's his voice you're hearing), we've removed the AzuraCast error "jingle" from Liquidsoap while we investigate issues with it playing upon restart, skipped songs or cue-out points. You should hear it a lot less now.

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