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AzuraCast is a free and open-source self-hosted web radio station in a box! Our helpful installer tools and powerful web interface let you manage every aspect of your station directly from your browser. Learn more at or our GitHub

In August, we received $6 from 2 backers. Our current balance is $43.

Top backers:,,

Thank you! 🙏

Our lead developer is taking this week and portions of the next few weeks to work on side projects to pay basic living expenses. Support times will be longer as a result. We appreciate your patience.

For more information, see this video:

This project is largely the work of one developer with no corporate sponsorship or big name backers.

If you find AzuraCast helpful to you, PLEASE donate to help us keep this full-time job of a project alive:



Our DigitalOcean 1-Click installer has been updated to AzuraCast version, which includes our built-in FTP server, preconfigured and ready to go out of the box.

Spin up your new station today!

If the update that adds FTP support causes a port conflict on your server, you can edit /var/azuracast/.env and add:


...then re-run the update process. This will tell AzuraCast to use another port for its own FTP server.

We're very excited to announce that AzuraCast is now available as a 1-Click application through the Marketplace. Spin up a new droplet with our 1-Click installer and have AzuraCast up and running in no time at all.

New feature: Our Docker installation now includes a built-in FTP server. Connect with your AzuraCast e-mail address and password, and you'll have FTP access to the media directories of every station your account can manage. Connection details are shown on the Media Files page.

Our Docker installation's multisite support is based on jwilder's popular nginx-proxy project (, and also includes built-in automated LetsEncrypt certificate creation and renewal (via

One of the questions we get most frequently is how you can run other web sites (including your station's homepage) on the same server as your AzuraCast instance. We've made some changes to allow this, and set up a guide with easy instructions to set it up:

Thank you to everyone out there who uses and supports AzuraCast. In the last 45 days, we went from 500 GitHub stars to 620 and counting. We're humbled and happy to be able to bring a fully free and open-source alternative to the webcaster world. Let's change web radio together!

In the meantime, we still accept recurring monthly donations at and one-time donations via

If you find AzuraCast helpful and want to see it keep advancing every day, PLEASE donate! Your support is needed and greatly appreciated.

Our lead developer is still in the queue for GitHub Sponsors, which is especially important for him as they have lower fees and match donations for the first year.

You can help by recommending GitHub user "SlvrEagle23" on this form:

Our Docker installation now supports specifying a specific version or commit to install or update to. (Make sure to `./ update-self` first)

To lock to releases:
./ update --release 0.9.6

To update to a specific commit:
./ update dev-master#39ff339

We've temporarily turned off our Mattermost instance as a security precaution, due to issues with users' sessions being mixed up.

We have created a short alias to make it easier to join our Slack server, which is still up and running:

New feature: Audit Logging!

AzuraCast now internally tracks changes to important database tables (stations, users, roles, settings, mount points, relays, etc.) and logs all the details in a chronological report you can view from the System Administration page.

You can now view the number of listeners who are tuned in to each mount point and relay. Find out which of your streams is the most popular!

We just completed a fairly large-scale refactor of our code to upgrade our underlying framework (Slim PHP) and implement other improvements. The new changes have been tested thoroughly, but be sure to let us know if you encounter any new issues. Pull requests are always welcome.

Listener reports will also no longer include Icecast relays (i.e. AzuraRelay installations) as they aren't actually listeners.

We've done a little cleanup on two of our reports, the Listeners and Station Playback Timeline:
- Both will use the station's time zone for date ranges
- You can now download the listener report as a CSV
- The listener report shows Total Listener Hours (TLH) for royalties.

AzuraCast is moving from Slack to Mattermost! They're free and open-source self-hosted software (just like us!) and we're excited to make the switch for our organization.

Create a new account on our Mattermost server here:

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