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AzuraCast is a free and open-source self-hosted web radio station in a box! Our helpful installer tools and powerful web interface let you manage every aspect of your station directly from your browser. Learn more at or our GitHub

We are upgrading our internal version of Liquidsoap to version 1.4.0, which includes several improvements for UTF-8 support and crossfading.

This update applies to both Docker and Ansible installations. For technical reasons, the update takes longer for Ansible installations.

AzuraCast's new playlist manager is built on the same foundation that our new media manager was built on. That means editing and reordering are inline with the main page, and changes are much faster with no full-page reloads.

We've got a BIG new feature to show you: we've revamped playlist scheduling!

- ANY playlist type (standard, per-x-songs, etc) can be scheduled!
- Playlists can have more than one scheduled time!
- You can provide a start and end *date* for schedules!

Plus a new manager page!

We have also set the default value for the "Web Radio Proxy" setting to be enabled for new installs. Several users taking advantage of CloudFlare or using SHOUTcast have had trouble using their stations with HTTPS and been unaware of the setting. It can easily be disabled.

Fixes released tonight include:
- Editing files will correctly persist the changes to the file's ID3 metadata again, preventing future overwrites.
- Files won't be copied to a temp directory for modifications if they were already local, which almost all station media is.

The sensation that was the MLP fandom inspired thousands of folks from all walks of life to share their energy and passion by creating things as diverse as art, music, videos, games and web sites. Our project is another result of that energy. We hope it makes your day brighter /)

The original Azura was named for the site's theme, a deep blue "azure"; that color and the hexagon motif still live on in AzuraCast today.

Though the project is very different today, many of us spent time in the MLP community and hope to carry on the show's spirit.

Today, fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic say goodbye to the show. We don't talk about it much, but that's where we come from! AzuraCast is named for Azura, the mascot of our predecessor project (Ponyville Live). We carry the spirit on in the form of our own unicorn.

When we said "soon" in the previous tweet, we actually meant "3 hours later".

The new media manager's inline file editor now has a complimentary new album art page, showing you the current album art and letting you swap it out (or clear it entirely).

Once we got started moving the Media Manager components over to Vue, we just couldn't help ourselves.

New in the Media Manager: inline renaming and editing of media tracks. A new album artwork manager is coming soon!

New in the updated Media Manager: you can select which columns to display (just like the old one), and the system will remember which columns you selected across sessions.

We're rewriting our media manager to be a single unified Vue component. It won't look very different for now, but it lets us expand and customize it much more easily. We've already put some goodies in the new version, including saving your "per page" setting across page loads.

Custom Fields can now be automatically filled in by the ID3 information in your files. Just set the "Auto Assign" ID3 attribute in the global Custom Fields administration, and if that field exists in a newly uploaded file, it will set the custom field's value automatically.

If you are encountering issues relating to either Doctrine errors (i.e. "Uncaught TypeError") or errors connecting to "", please update to the latest version of AzuraCast. We have released updates that fix both of these issues.

While we're always working to improve our defaults so they work on the greatest number of stations, we've introduced some new env variables you can specify in `azuracast.env` to tweak the respective settings, with these defaults:


Users who updated within the last day may have noticed some issues with sessions and logging in locally on their installation. We have fixed those issues as of tonight's latest version. Updating to the latest version is highly recommended.

In August, we received $6 from 2 backers. Our current balance is $43.

Top backers:,,

Thank you! 🙏

Our lead developer is taking this week and portions of the next few weeks to work on side projects to pay basic living expenses. Support times will be longer as a result. We appreciate your patience.

For more information, see this video:

This project is largely the work of one developer with no corporate sponsorship or big name backers.

If you find AzuraCast helpful to you, PLEASE donate to help us keep this full-time job of a project alive:



Our DigitalOcean 1-Click installer has been updated to AzuraCast version, which includes our built-in FTP server, preconfigured and ready to go out of the box.

Spin up your new station today!

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