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What is the preferred init system?

Nothing quite gives you the feeling of achievement like installing an OS from the ground up, from the command line and using ncurses menus. :gentoo: is one of a handful still left that let the end user compile their entire system. :)

That said, :slackware: out now, and :gentoo: has taken its place. Already have i3 up and nearly a complete system install done, with just a few applications missing.

So yeah, :slackware: kernel 5.4.2 was installed on my system yesterday and I was hoping to see some improvement. What I got was horrible instability. Now this is not likely their fault, as I have had issues with the 5.x.x kernel on my system before even touching :slackware:. But, I couldn't pin down what was causing the issue. Though it was reminiscent of an IOMMU problem I got when I first install linux on my Ryzen 2500u HP Envy x360.

After my kernel update on :slackware: I started to see instability when using applications that were based. These were stable under the last LTS kernel used by :slackware: current before the switch to 5.4.1. Not entirely sure what is causing it, as dmesg and syslog doesn't show anything abnormal. If you're a :slackware: current user, would like some input.

Already 3 days behind for AoC this year. Not sure if I can catch up. Every year I want to do AoC, and every year at the same time my todo list grows exponentially, leaving little room for self. 🙄 Well, I will keep chipping away at the list and maybe I will get a few AoC puzzles done. 🤔😉

You probably know about Advent of Code, but if you don't and you want to practise your programming in which ever language you want, I suggest you check out
a yearly advent calendar containing small programming puzzles

Advent of Code, spoilers 

:slackware: current just updated to :linux: kernel 5.4.1, from the last LTS.. About to reboot. kind of scared, as my Ryzen 2500u has had issues with the 5.x kernels.

I think the three R's (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) are missing a critical fourth R. (Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle)

Black Friday is just a day where Retailers show you how much they rip you off for 364 days of the year.

Wrote a little utility in Nim to search and play YouTube videos directly from the command line.

This is partly due to my dissatisfaction with the ytview script from the Bash-Snippets package. - 210 LoC
clitube.nim - 44 LoC

Size of release binary: 637 KB (amd64)

Used only the standard library, no dependencies.

I might prefer Nim to Bash/Python for small portable utilities in the near future.

#Nim #Nimlang #ToyProject

> Hmm, I *seem* to have broken things. Oops.

Oh, good, now I've fixed things. Shark attack averted.

Hmm, I *seem* to have broken things. Oops.

(And by "things", I mean /my graphical environment)


This morning I tried to add .social to my app and was not successful. After completing the login, upon authorizing the app for use with pixelfed, I am returned to the connect screen and my other account for Mastodon is signed out of the app. Not sure what is happening behind the scenes, but it seems like a something is buggy. 🤔

So, it is Thanksgiving eve here in the States. Many of us will wake up with the the sunrise to cook the Thanksgiving Day meals for our families. So, in the word of the mighty Knight Solaire, "Praise the Sun!" 😜 Let that mean what ever you want. and have a happy turkey day. 😀

This evening I was on the receiving end of a random act of kindness. It is something I am not use to getting, but rather giving instead. It is good to know that others see the value in small acts of kindness that I do.

I'm sorry @nextcloud I love your service, but your Talk app really is crap. 😞

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