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Mindless poll about archaic architecture some of us may have used and still cherish today...

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What is the preferred init system?

One of the many lizards in Florida, outside of my home. He seems to be searching for food.

My wishes for 2020?

I wish that people start valuing their privacy and and

Btw - cheers to all who have already greeted the new year. #2020

Kicking back, enjoying some Gentlemen Jack, on the rocks, while awaiting the new year. #2020

Merry Christmas, everyone. On behalf of the entire Fosstodon team, we love you all! 🎄

Wife got me this setup for Christmas. It makes driving in a sim much easier. American Truck Sim is awesome!

Thinking of heading back to school to complete a long overdue BS. But, I am undecided on the track I should take right now. I know I want computer science. However, the engineering track for computer science, nearly paralles the software track, and I love both sides... It is like having your cake and eating it too.

I got a job offer to my dream job today. I start January 2. I will be working on the hardware side of things for a large company that is expanding rapidly. Servers, network, cloud platforms, AI, you name it. The potential for personal and career growth is astounding. This is like going from playing flag (american) football to the NFL.

Shock horror, & are different things!

I see them used interchangeable quite often, so thought I'd write a little piece on the differences between the 2:

You guys and gals have really shown the @fosstodon team a whole lotta love following yesterday's "please support us" post. Thank you all so much!

Remember, if you're a new supporter on Patreon, Liberapay or Paypal, you qualify to be added to our supporters Keybase chat.

If that's you, and you want to be added, please contact either myself or @mike.

Yay I'm now a patreon of ! :fosstodon:

This community is awesome and it needs our help! Please consider contributing a buck or two per month to support this amazing place!

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