Today I was messing around with some code I wrote in . The code reads in a file line by line as a Vec<u8>. As it progresses, the vector gets converted to a type of string for an if statement.. Something like:
If x.contains(xyz){
Variable xyz contains a subset of numbers to check for in each line. However, this check fails to check true even if the numbers are present. Did I try to oversimplify the check?

Today I feel like I am slow roasting outside in the sun, while I finish prepping the surface on a wood work project. With the heat indices, it is 109°F, just outside the Tampa Bay area.

@AvnSgt Don't forget awk. That's another awesome tool. In fact, O'Reilly devoted a whole book to sed and awk as a pair.

Today I wanted to process a htm file that contained a table of information, somewhere around 1300 lines. To my dismay, the creator didn't insert table headers to pair the data in key-value pairs. So, I went to an oldschool solution of copy and paste from the website and used "sed" to strip out all unnecessary junk until I was left with the raw data I wanted. 😎😜 Gotta love old school linux tools.

I have hit a bit of a brick wall and need some help linux community direction. Want to automate the building an ISO for Arch using docker, but there seems to be issues with permissions when mounting block devices. I have been trying to work around the issue, but the solutions I have tried seem to have the same result. I used GitLab's CI automation for the initial testing. The idea is rather simple, new change to repo, trigger iso build. Open to ideas.

It reads:
Psychologist: So when do you think your anxiety started?

Yesterday, I was in a Jacksonville, FL. for a short day trip. But, before heading back towards my home out in the Tampa Bay area, I stopped in to a Dunkin off of Beach Boulevard. A dude working the register had a wicked set of dreadlocks and I swear he reminded me of Wade. Nearly a dead ringer.

Looks like I am gonna end up being part of a class action case over the MPG rating on recent Ford F150s. Not sure how I feel about it...

Anyone using textile? I am interested on your thoughts about usability and data consumption, being that it seems to work off of p2p.

Damn... Have I really been disconnected from for nearly a year? Doesn't feel that way, but numbers don't lie. 😁 Although, in some small way, it feels good to be back on one of my favorite mediums for free expression.

This week I have had a lot of issues when I tried to step up the demands on my system. Virtualization still appears to be broken under both the mainline and stable kernels. With hard freeze, after hard freeze, thus making the system unstable and unusable. So, I broke down and reinstalled "that which shall not be named," and will temporarily virtualize some of the environments. Not want I want but, it is my best solution for the time being.

"Laptop won't boot." I open up laptop and find no hard drive. "Well ... yeah ... there's your problem."

First attempt at RAM. Couldn't find the 74189 from SAP-1 schematic and am trying to sub AS6C62556. I did this before I noticed the AS shares I/O one on set of pins, so wiring the DIP switch directly does not work. I'll need to switch it, maybe with a 74LS157?

The new mainline kernel is out. I began compiling it about a half hour ago. This time, I am using AC, as I think I have done enough testing currently for power management. Maybe in a few more releases I will check it out again. I did experience some hard freezes on rc2, so I hope that rc3 will fix this and not exacerbate the issue.

@AvnSgt it seems a bit big, and I would have gotten it if it had Wacom tech instead of ntrig for the touchscreen.


sorry yall ive just been prodding this laptops hardware for half a week and its the worst, so im very excited by the prospects of a Workable Computer

Killed a large part of my day by migrating markdown code, into reStructureText code for the ArchLabs documentation site

Spent a good part of the afternoon writing a "How to Contribute," for the ArchLabs documentation. Miss the good old templates for such things. Shake, bake and done... 😁

Did my first edit of my i3 config in vim...successfully did not botch anything up.

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