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@fedops Per the below link: “With Firefox 93, Canonical is now building an official Firefox Snap.”


Wasn’t Canonical maintaining the Snap? Either way, I’m on Manjaro, so the .deb won’t work… And yes, I’m extremely impatient for wanting a browser update *faster* than even my rolling release distro can provide. 😬

I guess I just bristle at the fact that my Windows and Mac machines can get their Firefox update faster than my Linux machines, so I was looking for a way around that. The Flatpak seems to have done the job, but not the Snap at this point.

@JoeRess @felimwhiteley

@jiyuu @torproject Best bet is to leave your browser up. When you come back, you can click the icon and it will tell you how many you’ve helped in the past 24 hours. If the icon turns green while you’re using it, that means somebody is connected. I try to remember to leave my browser up when I put my computer away.

@Mr_Wurst What Lenovo machine do you have that has an Arm processor?

@Mr_Wurst No, I’m actually using Manjaro with snapd installed to get Firefox. It’s a Pinebook Pro, so I think some version of Ubuntu is supported, but Arm SOCs are weird animals, so no guarantee that would translate to yours.

Switched to Firefox Flatpak on my x86 laptop, and to the Snap on my Arm laptop (because the Flatpak doesn’t support Arm). Did so to get up-to-the-minute browser updates because the browser gets updated so frequently. Flatpak: ver 93. Snap: …still ver 92. WYA Canonical??? Isn’t this why you’re making everyone go with Snap in Ubuntu?

@freddy It looks like they have a couple off between all the ones that are on. I wonder how many receptionists had to get heat stroke before they made that decision. 🤔 🥵

@bhibb Looks good! If you happen to have a second pizza stone/steel, I recommend Making a little “oven within an oven” by putting the second on a rack above the pizza. Helps radiate more heat onto the pizza and might help with your underdone-ness. I think that’s Kenji’s (of Serious Eats) method. I’ve had great success with it.

Was talking to a friend about how @PINE64’s Pinebook Pro boots without a BIOS, and this shitpost is the simplest explanation I can think of:

@sotolf @ndanes @fedops I don’t see that as a good reason not to port Linux to something.

@ndanes @fedops @sotolf Case in point: my 2012 MacBook Air that I’ve greatly extended the life and usability of by putting Linux on it.

Having Linux support on the M1 won’t make much difference in its sales either way, and if the goal of right-to-repair is to extend the life of a device, getting Linux to work well on it can only help. Indeed, I’d posit that being able to put a supported operating system onto a device that’s been deprecated IS a repair.

I love Nobel season. For a few days I get to wake up to a notification about someone’s contributions to science and humanity, and it’s a nice start to the day.


Beside your point, yes, but if you’ve already given the artist your money, I wouldn’t feel too bad about using that…

@mdrights Snagged myself a new Matrix account through them, since all the PrivacyTools services will be kaput soon.

Switched myself from the Manjaro Firefox package to the Flatpak. Manjaro does a great job of updating as soon as they can, but I feel like for something as exposed as a browser, up-to-the-minute updates are better. Makes me feel good that Mozilla maintains the Flatpak themselves.

@textovervideo Access to the AUR without having to deal with installing Arch.

privacytools-dot-io is now 👀

Hey, uhhh, Framework… it’s September… where’s my shit?

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