You called my bluff! But on further examination, it looks like somebody tried to make it work through qemu and put it up on the AUR.


Update: it… worked? I didn’t get a response from anybody, but same day I sent a note about it, Firefox Snap was updated to 93.

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Anybody else on FOSStodon getting multiple late, duplicate notifications?

@PINE64 My “wrong answers only” speculation: a new tablet that can only connect to MineCraft called PineCraft.

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Day 4: Actually reached out directly to Mozilla and Canonical to ask what gives about the Firefox Snap not getting updated to ver. 93.

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@Mundon Not man enough to chew your beans while pouring boiling water into your mouth I see…

Found out a meeting series I had scheduled for tomorrow has expired… I’m honestly just not going to update it. And it won’t matter.

Star Trek TNG is still supremely entertaining. It’s usually not dated in the least, and when it is, it’s hilarious.

@MrDers I’m fine with its functionality as a chat/calls platform, but its actual ‘Teams’ file sharing features are trash.

@friend I suppose this wouldn’t work for my Arm-based PBP. I have to think the .tar.bz2 binary would be compiled for x86 only, right?

Day 3: snapcraft.io still has version 92 of Firefox. Is making a snap complicated? Flatpak was up to 93 same day as release.

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@Mr_Wurst Yea, looks like a Snapdragon based system. I don’t know the particulars myself, but Arm based systems seem to need work to bring support to them on a chip-by-chip basis, rather than just automatically working like on x86. Cool that somebody is working on it, but doubtful full support will get there for an “old” SOC like that. It’s a shame since so many devices are ARM these days. I just hope more open spec SOCs are developed.

@Squeak13 Remember the reason you feel their loss so deeply is because of the good times you got to share with them. Don’t deprive yourself of the latter to avoid the former. Take the time you need to grieve, and remember your friend wouldn’t want to see your life less rich because of their loss.

@cirno Kids also have to learn to live in the world around other people and around things you can buy without buying them. I don’t think there’s a better way to teach them than exposure, and the grocery store is probably one of the less offensive places to do it. Better than a sit down restaurant.

@friend @fedops Oh, really? So I can just go to ‘About Firefox’ and hit the “restart to update” button? I didn’t realize that, maybe that’s the best bet. Thanks!

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