Switched to Firefox Flatpak on my x86 laptop, and to the Snap on my Arm laptop (because the Flatpak doesn’t support Arm). Did so to get up-to-the-minute browser updates because the browser gets updated so frequently. Flatpak: ver 93. Snap: …still ver 92. WYA Canonical??? Isn’t this why you’re making everyone go with Snap in Ubuntu?

Day 3: snapcraft.io still has version 92 of Firefox. Is making a snap complicated? Flatpak was up to 93 same day as release.


Day 4: Actually reached out directly to Mozilla and Canonical to ask what gives about the Firefox Snap not getting updated to ver. 93.

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Update: it… worked? I didn’t get a response from anybody, but same day I sent a note about it, Firefox Snap was updated to 93.

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