Switched to Firefox Flatpak on my x86 laptop, and to the Snap on my Arm laptop (because the Flatpak doesn’t support Arm). Did so to get up-to-the-minute browser updates because the browser gets updated so frequently. Flatpak: ver 93. Snap: …still ver 92. WYA Canonical??? Isn’t this why you’re making everyone go with Snap in Ubuntu?

Does your notebook support ubuntu natively? Want to install it on my Lenovo arm but had no luck so far 🤨

@Mr_Wurst No, I’m actually using Manjaro with snapd installed to get Firefox. It’s a Pinebook Pro, so I think some version of Ubuntu is supported, but Arm SOCs are weird animals, so no guarantee that would translate to yours.

@Mr_Wurst What Lenovo machine do you have that has an Arm processor?

Miix 630 the support is very bad audio and stylus isnt working with windows there is a project on github to install ubuntu but its too slow


@Mr_Wurst Yea, looks like a Snapdragon based system. I don’t know the particulars myself, but Arm based systems seem to need work to bring support to them on a chip-by-chip basis, rather than just automatically working like on x86. Cool that somebody is working on it, but doubtful full support will get there for an “old” SOC like that. It’s a shame since so many devices are ARM these days. I just hope more open spec SOCs are developed.

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Yeah i will investigate further i wish i had more competence in debugging and building drivers nevertheless thanks for the effort 😋

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