@Linux4Everyone Someone on the timeline compared FOSS to veganism a while back and I think that's actually a decent metaphor. Some vegans are annoying and judgmental towards other people but a lot of them aren't. Meanwhile I'm just trying to cut down on some of the junk in my life, but will still enjoy burgers and use Vivaldi.

The 100% FOSS advocacy is great and letting people know about alternatives is important, as long as people aren't being rude about it.

Be excellent to each other! 🙂

@ataraxia937 @AaronTheIssueGuy Clearly what you need is two computers, one for reliability and one to geek around with. 😁

@bpepple it me

Unfortunately I was back at work after only about a month and a half.

@metalune It's personal information that isn't relevant to anything. There's no benefit to me in having that information online.

@0PT41N I haven't seen Netlify before. It definitely looks like a more business/professional option.

I don't really have a need for a site right now, I just like the old-school personal website vibe of Neocities. (Plus, their whole site is open source!)

@0PT41N Not sure what your needs are but I just wanna point out that Neocities.org is also a good free choice for basic static sites.

@brandon Nice to see someone else get it! I feel like my job is "Tech PR" as much as tech support.

It bugs me when coworkers complain about certain "problem users" because most of the time it's self-fulfilling. If you go in with a bad attitude it's just going to make things worse for you end the end.

I've never had the kinds of problems they talk about, hmmmm 🤔 🤔

Periodic PSA for IT folk: Don't berate the users you support for not knowing something. Do not make them feel lesser for making mistakes.

Did you know/realize that their experience with you supporting them can also colour their personal experience with computers?

Take the time to explain what's gone wrong and *if* the problem turns out to be user, brush it off as an "easy mistake" for anyone to make and continue to explain how to do the thing the right way.

is my social media home in many regards. I enjoy the people I meet here and interact with.

Be that as it may I do think that extending an open hand and focusing on what brings us together rather than what can divide us (ahem.... recent events and people...) will ultimately have a stronger effect on the movement and concept of that we are all here for.

Next time someone posts a stupid, inflammatory, or otherwise “I don’t like this” thing (in your views), think and feel first.

@UncleAlbie I think there are more people who fled from the toxicity of mainstream networks than were kicked.

Mastodon's not perfect, but for the most part I think it's pretty pleasant. 😊

@fightfortheuser While there may be some level of "political correctness" to it, there's also the fact that existing characters are just gonna sell better.

If you come up with a new character, you have to fight harder to get people invested in them. But if you say "Miles Morales is the new Spider-Man", everyone immediately knows what that means.

That said, they should still definitely -try- for new characters.

Reading the local timeline stopped being interesting due to all this pro-RMS vs anti-RMS bullshit.

@bbbhltz So wait, if you buy the laptop they don't loan you a new one? I'm all for recycling old work equipment but if they expect me to use my personal device for work then that doesn't seem like a good deal. 😕

Our Dell machines at work get firmware updates through Windows Update, and while that hasn't caused any problems yet as far as I know, the idea of something as terrible as Windows Update being anywhere remotely close to the firmware is really unsettling to me.

@csumpasd I think circular avatars are kinda annoying in general, but switching between both is awful.

I test all my avatars with a circle overlay when making them these days.

Might be time to add "stallman" to my filters...

I don't have a horse in this race and I don't wanna come off sounding like I think people on either side of this don't have a right to be upset.

It's just, *yeesh* this is a lot more heated than I'm used to seeing around here. :(

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