Playing on the server at lunch, I found a spider spawner just off the stairway down to the mines at spawn. 🕷️

Looks like there's a cave on the far side of it if anyone wants to check it out. 😀

Yes! I finally got my favorite in today! 😊

I've been waiting so long to get a sun stone to evolve that shiny Gloom. 😩

Current events aren't doing any favors for my mental health, so it's time to get back to I think.

I'm so proud of how my big creeper farm came out! I love seeing this monstrous cooling tower on the horizon.

(I do feel the need to maybe make something a bit cuter now though. 😄)

Happy New Year everyone!

We had a record snowfall for New Year's Day ☃️ and pancakes this morning. 🥞 😋


Christmas baking is underway. The rolls are ready! 😋

Ah, I kept forgetting to take this pic, whoops. 😅

The is a lot bigger than I expected. Here it is next to my Galaxy S4 for scale!

(sorry for potato quality, I had to dig out a really old android to take this)

Anxiously watching the tracking on my shipment because this is where DHL lost it last time around. 😥


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