When I bought my Surface Pro 4 in 2017 I thought I was getting a premium product, but I've learned the hard way to never trust Microsoft hardware ever again.

(This post brought to you by Flickergate Gang)

@AstralPegasus98 what happened? I bought an original Surface Pro and loved it. On the other hand the SurfaceBook I bought was overpriced, unreliable garbage.

@danny When the SP4 heats up, it starts to damage a part of the display and the screen starts jumping:

Mine isn't this bad, it's still in the early stages because I pretty much stopped using it.

Before the Flickergate problem arose I also had trouble with wifi dropping when I used a USB3 external drive.

@AstralPegasus98 Damn, that's some shit. I wonder who inspired them, could it be one particular fruit?

@AstralPegasus98 agh, that’s a shame. I wonder about their design capabilities sometimes. Their stuff is too expensive to roll the dice on... :-( I was thinking of putting JingOS on a Surface Pro 6 but maybe not...

@AstralPegasus98 I worked for an international company and they wanted tablets, so they bought Surfaces. They were so awful that it wasn’t even a year before we switched to #HP X4 tablets-laptop hybrid thingies. They were more expensive, but they actually worked.

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