Over the weekend I started trying out the Fabric mod loader with Sodium and Phosphor as an alternative to OptiFine. They're LGPL-licensed rendering and lighting optimization mods, respectively.

So far, so good! The game seems to run as well or better than it does under OptiFine on my ancient laptop.

Oh yeah you also can install third one mode from this team, but I forgot this name.

P.S. These mods increased FPS from 50-60 up to 380

@nagot I just downloaded Lithium today. 👍 It hadn't been updated for 1.16.5 yet when I was downloading the others on Friday.

@AstralPegasus98 @nagot Do you need Phosphor and Lithium with Sodium to get better fps? Cause I just use Sodium, and don’t see much of a difference compared to Optifine, though I’m not sure if Phosphor or Lithium help.

I have never heard of those two mods either, so please let me know how to install/use them to get the best fps. I run on a really old computer and barely get 30 fps with Sodium :P

Oh, tou just need to install Fabric and then copy mods in folder "mods". Then you can play with settings, however I didn't change them. These three mods were made to work as one team. So good luck, I guess it'll be around 50 FPS after manipulations

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