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Hello Fosstodon and greater Fediverse beyond, I'm AstralPegasus98!

I'm an amateur (read: noob) coder and artist, hoping to eventually improve at both. I also enjoy playing around with web design occasionally. At work I'm just low-tier tech support, mostly trying to keep our Windows boxes running.

I've been running Ubuntu MATE as a daily driver for about a year and a half now and loving it, but I still have a lot to learn about Linux.

Looks like I'll be spending the weekend troubleshooting my brother's computer. 😫

I still tend to look at trending hashtags with a sense of "oh no, what now," but I'm really happy that's not why things usually trend around here.

I saw is trending right now and clicked it to see what's going on. Nothing. People are just... talking about Debian.

I love Mastodon. 🙂

I was in my creative test world yesterday trying to design an automatic bucket emptying machine and I came up with something bulky and flawed but it mostly sorta works.

Then I found a tutorial video from 2012 that not only still works but is way simpler and more compact than the monstrosity I built. 😳

I guess I still have a lot to learn about redstone. 🤦‍♀️

😷 let’s keep those variants from spreading 🤞

A bunch of older MacBook Airs at work have abruptly died today and we have no idea why.

Periodic PSA for IT folk: Don't berate the users you support for not knowing something. Do not make them feel lesser for making mistakes.

Did you know/realize that their experience with you supporting them can also colour their personal experience with computers?

Take the time to explain what's gone wrong and *if* the problem turns out to be user, brush it off as an "easy mistake" for anyone to make and continue to explain how to do the thing the right way.

is my social media home in many regards. I enjoy the people I meet here and interact with.

Be that as it may I do think that extending an open hand and focusing on what brings us together rather than what can divide us (ahem.... recent events and people...) will ultimately have a stronger effect on the movement and concept of that we are all here for.

Next time someone posts a stupid, inflammatory, or otherwise “I don’t like this” thing (in your views), think and feel first.

Reading the local timeline stopped being interesting due to all this pro-RMS vs anti-RMS bullshit.

Our Dell machines at work get firmware updates through Windows Update, and while that hasn't caused any problems yet as far as I know, the idea of something as terrible as Windows Update being anywhere remotely close to the firmware is really unsettling to me.

Might be time to add "stallman" to my filters...

I don't have a horse in this race and I don't wanna come off sounding like I think people on either side of this don't have a right to be upset.

It's just, *yeesh* this is a lot more heated than I'm used to seeing around here. :(

Nothing may be set in stone yet with the thing, but it sounds like a good excuse for my friend group to start weighing our options anyway.

Spring cleaning's not super fun but it feels good to get it done. I haven't done a proper, thorough cleaning in a while and it kinda shows, haha. 😅

I even shutdown my Pi to blow the dust out of it. (RIP uptime 😔)

Made the switch-over! Hello from my T470p. 😊

Gonna have to get used to big screen resolutions again. I guess I could try the advanced Mastodon interface again.🤔

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