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Hello Fosstodon and greater Fediverse beyond, I'm AstralPegasus98!

I'm an amateur (read: noob) coder and artist, hoping to eventually improve at both. I also enjoy playing around with web design occasionally. At work I'm just low-tier tech support, mostly trying to keep our Windows boxes running.

I've been running Ubuntu MATE as a daily driver for about a year and a half now and loving it, but I still have a lot to learn about Linux.

Got a new microSD card, time to play with images again!

(Hopefully it works better than the old microSD card I tried.)

I'm torn between my desire for cool gadgets and the fact that I don't actually have a use for that many computers...

When I bought my Surface Pro 4 in 2017 I thought I was getting a premium product, but I've learned the hard way to never trust Microsoft hardware ever again.

(This post brought to you by Flickergate Gang)

Being home for the past week due to a winter storm has only reinforced how much I despise my job.

I was hoping zram would give me the bit of a boost I needed on this old machine, but it's crashed twice since I installed it which it never had before. 😕

I created a room for the server. Feel free to join me at


Playing on the server at lunch, I found a spider spawner just off the stairway down to the mines at spawn. 🕷️

Looks like there's a cave on the far side of it if anyone wants to check it out. 😀

Tech support is not how I want to spend my Saturdays. 😫

@wholesomedonut I should ask, what's the stance going to be on things like TNT dupers and bedrock breaking? You can do cool things with them, but Paper disables both by default.

Coming to a good instance of Fediverse is like coming to the town for the first time in Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley.

Having a frustrating night tonight. Computer's completely frozen up twice while I was trying to play . 😖

Maybe I should take it as a sign to start looking for a better laptop. :thonking:

Over the weekend I started trying out the Fabric mod loader with Sodium and Phosphor as an alternative to OptiFine. They're LGPL-licensed rendering and lighting optimization mods, respectively.

So far, so good! The game seems to run as well or better than it does under OptiFine on my ancient laptop.

Yes! I finally got my favorite in today! 😊

I've been waiting so long to get a sun stone to evolve that shiny Gloom. 😩

Current events aren't doing any favors for my mental health, so it's time to get back to I think.

I'm so proud of how my big creeper farm came out! I love seeing this monstrous cooling tower on the horizon.

(I do feel the need to maybe make something a bit cuter now though. 😄)

I've got a room where two desktops so far haven't been able to connect to the projector. The drop and cable work with a laptop, and the DisplayPorts on the desktops work with DP-to-VGA adapters. Drivers are up to date. What the heck?

Projectors were a mistake. 🙃

Woke up to a BusyBox initramfs prompt instead of my desktop. 😕

I got it sorted out, but yeesh don't scare me like that!

I really don't like doing tech support. I wish I'd pursued programming, I think I'd have enjoyed that more.

I took a class on Java in high school, but it wasn't taught well and I didn't understand anything and that really discouraged me.

But when I think back over the last decade, the moments that always stand out are the ones when I was making things in Game Maker 8 and Python.

New Year, New Password.

The muscle memory seems particularly hard to overcome this time. 😣

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