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Hello Fosstodon and greater Fediverse beyond, I'm AstralPegasus98!

I'm an amateur (read: noob) coder and artist, hoping to eventually improve at both. I also enjoy playing around with web design occasionally. At work I'm just low-tier tech support, mostly trying to keep our Windows boxes running.

I've been running Ubuntu MATE as a daily driver for about a year and a half now and loving it, but I still have a lot to learn about Linux.

The other day, the fast food place accidentally gave me a three patty burger. "This is exactly the kind of food people make fun of Americans for" I thought as I ate it anyway. 🍔

You know what would completely ruin our timelines? Dallerdle, a game where everyone guesses the query used to make some DALL•E mini creation.

Please don't make this. And if you still do, include a specific hashtag in the output so I can block that stuff.

The hotel wi-fi is garbage. :blobcat_glitch: Luckily I'm a nerd and carry an ethernet cable.

Bags: packed
Jerky: acquired

oh yeah, road trip time 🚗😎

Me, every time my mouse hovers over the federated timeline icon: "On second thought let's not go to the federated timeline. 'Tis a silly place."

"Can you put these on Spotify? would love to be able to listen to them in the car or on the bike"

People these days don't know how to download music, smh my head...... 😔

(this post brought to you by local music collection gang)

A command block I used today accidentally created a Biblically Accurate Angel.

Nothing like getting to go to your favorite restaurant 😋

...after waiting TWO YEARS 😵‍💫

fuck covid

Me: *visits a website* :ublockorigin:
Website: please disable your adblocker to visit this site
Me: okay goodbye :troll:


Fonts generated from original bitmaps from Atari 8bit computers

Any organisation that bans advert or tracking blockers is banning anti-virus measures and should be treated accordingly.

Watching TV in the morning:

- depressing
- infuriating
- intentionally manipulative

Steve Irwin:
- wholesome
- informative
- reminder that there's good in the world

Storming this evening. Ever since I was a kid I've always been fascinated by severe weather.

I should watch Twister again soon. 🌪️

As someone who never got into Twitter (or any other social media), I'm not really good at using hashtags.

I mean, I understand how they work on a technical level. When I do use them I try to work them into the post naturally, because throwing them on at the end of a post just feels really fake to me.

But then I don't think other people look fake when they do it.

I dunno. Maybe I'm just weird. 😕

What are the odds of the Federated Timeline talking with itself like this? 🤔


ping @joel @AstralPegasus98

The Boy Who Cried High Priority: a tech support story

Didn't know about , which is a way to make "groups" on fedi without messing up the local tl.

@joel tagged because I've seen you talk about groups on mastodon

Wordle is like a hydra. Filter one game, two more take its place. 😫

I've started just filtering the square emojis at this point.

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