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Took me a while, but I recently actually remembered to order a new battery for my old G Watch R, and I installed it yesterday. Now running @AsteroidOS on it, which I've wanted to play with for ages. Certainly a lot more responsive than WearOS on the old thing.

I've missed this watch, I really like the feel of it on my wrist.

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2048 for ! Simple game that can also be used as a watchface game. When bored, play this game :)

Version 0.0.6 of our sync app is now available on the OpenStore.

It includes a fix for the whitescreen bug on arm64 devices like the (Thanks to timdev and hummlbach).
Another improvement in this release is reliable storage path creation for saving screenshots.

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AsteroidOS is a free open source operating system for smartwatches. You can follow them at :


Their website is at

#AsteroidOS #Wearable #Wearables #SmartWatch #SmartWatches #FLOSS #FOSS #Libre

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Habe AsteroidOS auf meine LG Urbane w150 aufgespielt. Sieht wundervoll aus. :mastowink:


Tilt-to-wake is coming to an powered near you!

Thanks to the work done by!

Version 0.17 of our client for is now live on @fdroidorg:

* Ringtone vibration pattern on incomming calls
* Fixed screenshot saving on Android 10
* Translation improvements

has a new release in the :

Telescope 0.0.5 Changelog
- Music control
- updated French translation (Thanks to Anne017)
- updated German translation

Sync 0.16 is now available on @fdroidorg.

This version includes:
- Tusky and Mattermost icons for notifications
- improved Standby exclusion request
- ringtone vibration pattern
- crash fix for italian users

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Got #AsteroidOS running on the LG watch Urbane (w150) Thank you @AsteroidOS for making it possible to ssh into my watch.

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so i didn't talk about this until i actually got it to work but

kw88 pro ($85 smartwatch) running #AsteroidOS


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