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Major update of the watchface creation guide and some more watchfaces that serve as starting point for your own cool things :D

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Huzzah! Bluetooth AND Sensor support on the TicWatch C2+! It actually can function as a smart watch now!

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AsteroidOS now has support for Skipjack (Ticwatch C2+)! Next up, bluetooth eventually.

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@vanitasvitae there has been some work on it but nothing to announce yet. If you want to help getting it ready you can talk to us on Matrix.

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Just got myself a Huawei Watch for 50€. First thing I did is to install onto it :)

Let's see what this thing can do!

@manuel Hi, the OS is still being developed. Our beta builds should be from this week. Support for the Huawei Watch 2 is fairly new, so hardware support is still work in progress.
App installation is done by either copying the .ipk files to the watch and installing manually or by forwarding the internet connection to the watch (or using wifi) and using the package manager (opkg) to search and install packages from our repository.

Manual package installation:

Sync our client has a new version out on @fdroidorg :

Version 0.20 brings:
- A completely new Bluetooth backend. This should fix most issues people had with the initial connection and constant repairing.

- We modularized and restructured the codebase to make the development of new functions easier.

- Improved translations

For all those xkcd 1782 enthusiasts, the bridge to @liberachat is now established. You can find us on the channel.

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@tuxdevices "PostmarketOS also supports a small fraction of the consumer watch market, although no watch-friendly UIs are available in it yet."

@bart recently ported the UI to @postmarketOS:

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