@freaktechnik We changed that a while back, because 1.0 is quite old, but we don't have a new stable release ready.

@freaktechnik The "invalid sparse file format at header magic" is not the issue. You can try the stable build and upgrade via package manager. release.asteroidos.org/1.0/len

Version 0.17 of our client for is now live on @fdroidorg:

* Ringtone vibration pattern on incomming calls
* Fixed screenshot saving on Android 10
* Translation improvements


has a new release in the :

Telescope 0.0.5 Changelog
- Music control
- updated French translation (Thanks to Anne017)
- updated German translation


Sync 0.16 is now available on @fdroidorg.

This version includes:
- Tusky and Mattermost icons for notifications
- improved Standby exclusion request
- ringtone vibration pattern
- crash fix for italian users

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Got #AsteroidOS running on the LG watch Urbane (w150) Thank you @AsteroidOS for making it possible to ssh into my watch.

@mathuin The LG G watch urbane first gen or the Huawei Watch 1 are both good supported. If you need further advice feel free to ask.

@IceWolf we're there. However, the fitness part depends on the watch and is still at the early stages. We do have a calendar (although sync is not yet a thing)

@yosik We get that question a lot and sadly the @PINE64 Pine Time does not have enough power to run a full linux kernel. Mbed and FreeRTOS are probably the way to go with this watch.

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so i didn't talk about this until i actually got it to work but

kw88 pro ($85 smartwatch) running #AsteroidOS


@artfulsodger We're happy about every bugreport that helps ironing them out!

The companion app Telescope for @ubports is now available in Version 0.0.4 with screenshot function, find my watch and improved translations.
Get it on the OpenStore: open-store.io/app/telescope.as

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This also means experimental support for other operating systems. To demonstrate this, i just hacked together a quick-and-dirty config file for #AsteroidOS, and it works! Collaboration, anyone? #communitypower


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