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RT eLtMosen@twitter.com:
Major update of the watchface creation guide and some more watchfaces that serve as starting point for your own cool things :D


Sync our client has a new version out on @fdroidorg : f-droid.org/en/packages/org.as

Version 0.20 brings:
- A completely new Bluetooth backend. This should fix most issues people had with the initial connection and constant repairing.

- We modularized and restructured the codebase to make the development of new functions easier.

- Improved translations

Version 0.0.6 of our sync app is now available on the OpenStore.

It includes a fix for the whitescreen bug on arm64 devices like the (Thanks to timdev and hummlbach).
Another improvement in this release is reliable storage path creation for saving screenshots.


Tilt-to-wake is coming to an powered near you!

Thanks to the work done by @MagneFire_@twitter.com!

Version 0.17 of our client for is now live on @fdroidorg:

* Ringtone vibration pattern on incomming calls
* Fixed screenshot saving on Android 10
* Translation improvements


Sync 0.16 is now available on @fdroidorg.

This version includes:
- Tusky and Mattermost icons for notifications
- improved Standby exclusion request
- ringtone vibration pattern
- crash fix for italian users

The companion app Telescope for @ubports is now available in Version 0.0.4 with screenshot function, find my watch and improved translations.
Get it on the OpenStore: open-store.io/app/telescope.as


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