Telescope, our official @ubports synchronization client is now available on the OpenStore
Thumbs up to its developer, StefWe!


I have not... Added to my OSS/OSHW list here.

Looks interesting, if I wasn't the primary human behind lollipop cloud and was still actively working in the mobile/wearable space I would definitely be drooling right now.

Based on a quick glance the watch I have arriving inside 18 hours could likely get a port but at the same time I wouldn't be able to make it happen.

I wonder if @pine64 is aware of the project. Once their phone is off the ground I could see them leveraging this for a watch like device. Especially given it's a QT UI which is a solid option right now for mobile kinds of things.

c/ @AsteroidOS

@kemonine @AsteroidOS @PINE64 a device kind like pinetime - :)

Yes exactly looks kind of promising. I hated wearOS on my 2nd gen moto360. Hopefully they improved it and you can Degoogle it enough to be usable


Holy fuck. Paging @kelbot to the parent

Whelp, I need to send a love note to Pine64 at some point. I'm glad they announced that recently though. Between the general boards, pine books phone and now a WATCH... they are going after the OSS and OSHW folks in a big way. And in ways that are useful for long term success.

That arm m4 board looks promising. I see an arduino style dev kit in some happy hacker's future. Combined with some of the arduino UI libs.... there is some seriously interesting stuff that can be done. BLE is a beautiful touch too. That will solve some power pains.

I really fucking wish I was comfortable linking to some of my early open hardware work... the hardware specs scream things I was doing years ago in a slightly different context but ultimately focused on sensors and their data sets.

Grrrrrrr, I wish I was comfortable with the link.....

@AsteroidOS @PINE64

@kemonine @AsteroidOS @kelbot @PINE64 yes they are doing great works. Definitely plan to buy it and the phone. Maybe the tablet to if it comes off the back burner. The price point again is a winner for easy to pick up and hack on it.

I’m sure your early hardware is eons better then what most of us that have never done any. I know next to nothing, but absolutely love learning more about hardware. Such an interesting area


My early hardware work was blinking an LED with an arduino uno... probably not eons ahead of anything worth noting 😉

That said it set a nice tone for me and my passion for computer systems and integrations. I don't regret it at all.

I *do* have a sopine deployed as a production home-assistant box that's been treating me lovely for more than a few months now.

Pine64's hardware and I didn't get along early on due to my ability to bring hardware to its knees but once I re-framed the approach I tend to suggest pine as a great choice if the hardware meets needs

@AsteroidOS @kelbot @PINE64
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