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Am I made of paper?
Cause I tear so easily.

Am I made of vapor?
Because I dissappear.

Do I have to have a reason?
For anything I feel.

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Congratulations to Xfce / Sean Davis (Xubuntu Technical Lead and Xfce Core) on the release of Xfce 4.14.


This is my daily workspace: and , altogether with . Hope I won't be too late for . 😆

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Joe calls Bob on the phone

Joe: I have an opinion.

Bob: Interesting, I disagree with your opinion.

Joe: WHAT!?! You're a bad person! -I'm going to call the phone company and have them block *every* single person with your area code from calling or texting *every* single person from MY area code!

Bob: What? Won't the affect literally thousands of people who have nothing to do with this conversation?

Joe: Yes. but... you made me angry😡

Bob: uh... ok ❓

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3 reasons for a false sense of security:

– reason 1: Legacy configuration and outdated security tips
– reason 2: No threat model
– reason 3: No checks and no monitoring

Don’t just assume security; actually check it.

#security #infosec #cybersecurity #falsesense #assumption #configuration #monitoring

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Something that's been bogging me for a while:

Why do we still need username/password for authentication ?
Couldn't we just have a key pair, and register everywhere with the public key?

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To support Press Freedom, we're donating our encrypted contact form Secure Connect to journalists. ✊😃 Here's why they chose Tutanota to offer a secure communication channel to whistleblowers:

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“The traditional powers of the government to search people’s things when they’re entering the country might make sense if we’re talking about a suitcase, but they don’t make sense with our cellphones and laptops," says EFF's @Adam_D_Schwartz

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Librem 5 Smartphone -- July Update.

So much amazing stuff going on. Including Calls, Messages, Web, Contacts, Settings, and more.

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Asking for help 

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Yay! 🎉 We've developed an encrypted calendar in less than 2 months. 😃😍You can already check out the beta:

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I want to tell y'all something I love about .

We're small (<1000 weekly users), but we have a *huge* team of moderators: There are six of us—more than the team a!

That means that we pretty much always have *somebody* around to moderate.

It also means that no one person speaks for the whole instance. We have a whole team devoted to enforcing our CoC. We might not always agree, but we're all working to make welcoming for everyone

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Through Sunday, you can get our black roots t-shirt, usually reserved for contributors, for a donation of $49. We have S-2XL available in both classic and fitted sizes. Write '49' into the other box on the donate page, and we'll reach out to confirm:

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Mastodon's Lists let you follow handpicked accounts on their own timeline.

The single-column interface makes it a bit easier to use them:

1. Click on "Lists" in the right sidebar

2. Enter a new list title, click + to create it

3. Click on the new list's name to open it

4. Click on the three sliders icon in the top right corner, click "Edit List"

5. Click "Search among people you follow" and enter keywords, then click + to add to your list

6. Click outside the box to close it


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Kontact, KDE's email, calendar, contact, itinerary and life organizer, keeps getting better and better.

New stuff includes: colored emojis 😎 , grammar correction and markdown built into Kmail; integrating KCalCore (calendar engine) and KContacts (addressbook engine) into KDE Frameworks 5; and cleaning up code and squashing bugs in general.

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#Mobilizon, a Fediverse alternative to Facebook Events, has just achieved its third crowdfunding goal of €50k:

There's still 10 days to go, with any further funds going towards a mobile app and advanced mapping features.

You can follow the project on here:


The project leaders are French free software campaign group @Framasoft who have a good track record in making privacy-friendly alternatives.

(via @blog )

#Alternatives #DeleteFacebook

I was @Ashpex I decided to move here
as I find this instance more suitable for me. So if you wish to follow me, please do so over here. Thank you!
A bit about myself:
I'm a geek, Linux enthusiast, developer, designer. Interested in InfoSec and open source software. Nice to meet everyone on @fosstodon


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