We are toying with breaking from our Cli installer. Looking to see what the fediverse thinks.

The Archlanbs Installer should be?

I'm posting this from the terminal 

What app?

@epsi Not really at this time. But if someone wanted to do it, they can come to the forums and we could try to help..package selection and all. A lot of them probably aren't ported over there i'm sure... a lot of work would have to be done...

We have some Game of Thrones chit chat going on in our forums.. we keep spoilers hidden, so it's your own fault if you look 😉


ArchLabs has some new team members! Will probably do a proper announcement come refresh/release time.

I'm pretty excited about the future of ArchLabs \m/

@alexbuzzbee I think the idea of the Social Security number is necessary for many things. The fact that it's tied to my credit and financial information I think is bad. But again I think some sort of federal id is necessary. It's keeping it secure and limiting identity theft that is really difficult. I am not sure what the best way to deal with it would be.

Listening to some tunes at work. Trapped in Windows land here...had to pull out the Archlabs for the task.

We are on the look out for someone to join the ArchLabs team.

I can't promise payment, prosperity or even a simple hug (I'm sure I can send some e-hugs some how).

Message Dobbie03 on forum.archlabslinux.com/

Sorry folks...this account has been incognito a bit...had to take care of some family issues. Back again.

After nearly a year of using @ArchLabsLinux's (it works so well), I finally got around to making my own. I also found and started using a desktop audio visualiser called . My dotfiles are linked below if you're interested!


There are a lot of screenshots in this toot because I'm not seeing any indication that there are any attached and I kept uploading them. I only realised that they were attached because I posted this a second ago and saw them 🤔

@kai I wanted debian, but Bunsen Labs installer didn't work on my MacBook. Just brought me to a black screen.

@ArchLabsLinux boots in like 5 seconds on my 8 year old laptop. So rad!

discovering "ranger", file manager for the command-line, and am. totally. blown. away.


want. more. well designed. keyboard-centric tech!

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