Intergalactic Wasabi Hour with me, snowdusk, will be livestreaming on #Tilderadio in about 13 miinutes! Pls tune in if your ears are free 🙌🏻 0100-0200 UTC


tonite is #80s #synth and #NewWave nite! Wanna hear your favourite 80s synthy / new wavey song?? Pls let me know! 🍀

@koreymoffett I haven’t come across anything better for public chat rooms. Matrix feels bloated and slow in comparison.

@xpil We also have four bins. Recycling and organic once a week. Garbage and yard waste every other week. Beer and wine bottles are returned to the beer store for a refund. There are occasional days when you can drop off electronic waste.

@normandc I can't imagine how hard it must have been. At least he lived a long happy life.

@normandc I just realized you got a new cat. Sorry to hear the old one passed away.

@dctrud @cycling I've used this site for viewing GPS traces. It has the ability to share traces, but unfortunately it requires Google Drive, so I haven't tried it.


@hund Great news. Hopefully they will kill it like they did with Skype.

The more utility programs I write, the more I realize that 'programming' is just a tool for very lazy people to think only once about a problem and hopefully never again.

Care about ? Take a look at - a mature network project offering "Privacy-By-Design".

🎉 The @i2p team just released a few minutes ago v2.37.0 - again: great effort 🔥 🙏 .

Ready-to-use container here (also a version including and ): hub.docker.com/r/divax/i2p

Entry-level, "how to", blog post here: diva.exchange/en/privacy/intro

Latest video (1 slide covering I2P): odysee.com/@diva.exchange:d/fo

Rogers is stepping up to eliminate the last vestige of wireless competition in . We should have no problem maintaining our world leadership in high prices.


Mistakes happen. But when aiming at being better than Big Tech, one must admit mistakes and improve from there. At Tutanota we are building an encrypted, privacy-respecting email service that puts the users first - not the advertisers. However, when we planned our latest subscription changes, we made some severe mistakes that were not up to our own standards. We would like to apologize for these mistakes and explain our lessons learned.

we're working on new stuff, but in the meantime it's bandcamp friday again!!

artists get 100% of bandcamp sales today, so if you've discovered any new artists recently or want to support your favs, please do so if you can x

p.s. we're on bandcamp 👀 powderpaint.bandcamp.com/

@alrs That's pretty cool. I wish I had goats at my meetings. They would probably be just as productive.

@rfquerin @DoorToDoorGeek Thanks. Maybe I'll check out the Great Canadian Baking Show.

I had no idea Starweek still existed.

@cypnk I was surprised how much software was developed to fax data from one computer to another.

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