Looks like today was the last warm day of year. It was also a holiday so I managed to get out for a short ride.

Another day of summer-like weather, and another ride. I wish every November was like this.

It felt like summer again today, so I went for a short ride at lunch. Looks like I'll have a few more days of nice weather to take advantage of.

I was looking for new places to ride a few weeks ago and discovered that the "Trans Canada Trail" wasn't too far from here. I planned to follow it down to the lake, but it turned out to be the worst trail I've ever seen. Many sections had been washed away by flooding. One section was abandoned so long ago that nature had reclaimed it.

I eventually realized that it was supposed to be closed, but most of the signs were missing or had been pushed aside.

I knew the western USA was on fire, but I didn't realize it was completely gone already.

I had a lot of basil in my garden so I made this. It looks ugly but it tastes pretty good.

I've started taking breaks from work to ride the trails near my house every day. Let's see if I can keep this up.

I used to be avid reader, but I feel like the web has ruined my ability to concentrate over the years. I decided to disconnect today and try to get into again.

Well that is unfortunate. 🙁 I replaced the hard drive a few weeks ago. Hopefully it hasn’t failed already.

Freshly cleaned and disinfected. I run Windows in a VM on the right for work.

I haven't had much time for lately, but I went out to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather the other day.

This new cycling/pedestrian bridge opened a few months ago. Now I can go for relaxing rides without any traffic.

The Unisys ICON 2 is one of my favourite computers of all time. I learned Turing and C on these, and also spent a lot of time playing games before school. These ran QNX and were my first experience with a Unix-like OS. The Ontario government destroyed the computers and software and they are now incredibly rare.

There are some pictures of one of the few working ICONs here:


I bought a cheap used . It seems to be in good condition other than a wonky wlan card. Luckily I had USB wifi adapter lying around. Makes me wonder why anyone would ever buy a new laptop.

I decided to try for the first time since it's supposed to be good for battery life. I was thinking about i3, but vanilla gnome is actually pretty nice and you can almost use it like a tiling window manager.

I went for a walk around the neighbourhood to see some fall colours. Everything was yellow.

This is my boring vanilla Ubuntu 18.10 after upgrading. The Yaru theme seems like a big improvement.


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