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The Unisys ICON 2 is one of my favourite computers of all time. I learned Turing and C on these, and also spent a lot of time playing games before school. These ran QNX and were my first experience with a Unix-like OS. The Ontario government destroyed the computers and software and they are now incredibly rare.

There are some pictures of one of the few working ICONs here:


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Hello everyone. I've been an user and enthusiast for nearly ten years. I don't work in tech so unfortunately I have no real life friends who share my interest in .

I'm currently trying to get better at and as I transition away from using Excel/VBA for data analysis at work.

My other interests include .

We are 1 hour away from The Intergalactic Wasabi Hour streaming #live on #Tilderadio from 01:00-02:00 UTC (9-10PM EDT) but before that please tune in to DJ Marcus @mnw show "Creative Commons Valence Electron Show" from 0000-0100 UTC!

To listen:


We will be on IRC during the live show so log on and chat away! ✌️


#tilde #tildeverse #InternetRadio #electronicmusic

This toot contains bug fixes and stability improvements.

I will be livestreaming on Tilderadio in less than 5 minutes, just right after DJ hardmous! Please tune in! 0100-0200 UTC!

to listen pls go to:

Tonite is 80s synth and new wave nite! 🎶​

If your ears are free please tune in to the Intergalactic Wasabi Hour livestreaming on Tiilderadio in 5 minutes! ✌️

To listen:


Hi, when you have a single host only, what would you use to host some services like #matrix #searx #privatebin #owncloud and so on?

Julia Evans (@b0rk@birdsite) with the knowledge bombs. Gonna need to go back and revise some scripts now...

Nextcloud has so many apps, it's mind-boggling

- Files
- Calendar
- Contacts
- Document editing
- Photos
- including facial recognition
- Maps
- Tasks/Reminders
- Appointments
- Bookmarks
- more that I haven't even looked into

PeerTube needs about 13k more to reach that €60,000 / Live streaming feature!

A free as in freedom decentralized video sharing and soon possibly even streaming platform.

The fine developers of Framasoft have a roadmap for version 3.0 of PeerTube.

It includes all the things one needs to ditch Youtube!

Read about it via link & please support if able. We are almost there.

#framasoft #peertube #stream #p2p #youtube #deletegoogle #libre @Framasoft #deleteYouTube

Seeing pictures of fountain pens on here makes me want to buy one, but I have nothing to write.

Jami - free (as in freedom) alternative to Skype. Main features:
- Video and audio calls and text messaging
- Conferences
- Screen sharing
- End-to-end encryption
- You can use it anonymously
- Cross-platform

Read more:

#Jami #FreeSoftware #Conferences #Privacy #Encryption

This can't be said enough, awesome. I would not know how to work without it

I uninstalled uBlock Origin and started getting ads on YouTube every 60 seconds. I don't know how anyone could tolerate that. I immediately reinstalled it.

"Back in the days, everything was better"...isn't a statement to be lightly made. However in the case of the modern internet it is. Gone are the days of lean and efficient websites consisting mainly of self-written portions of semantic HTML, CSS and sprinkles of scripting (either PHP and or Javascript). They had to make way for websites, consisting mainly of scripts/frameworks generating HTML and CSS, topped of with a steep incline of alongside running ads and surveillance tools.

New personal goal: close more browser tabs than I open each day.

How do you install packages with pip?

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