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The Unisys ICON 2 is one of my favourite computers of all time. I learned Turing and C on these, and also spent a lot of time playing games before school. These ran QNX and were my first experience with a Unix-like OS. The Ontario government destroyed the computers and software and they are now incredibly rare.

There are some pictures of one of the few working ICONs here:


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Hello everyone. I've been an user and enthusiast for nearly ten years. I don't work in tech so unfortunately I have no real life friends who share my interest in .

I'm currently trying to get better at and as I transition away from using Excel/VBA for data analysis at work.

My other interests include .

So happy to see new shows keep popping up on #Tilderadio - the Internet radio streamed by / for users of the tildeverse !

Wanna see upcoming shows on Tilderadio? Pls go to the link below 👇

Wanna see Tilderadio's schedule/upcoming shows on your GUI calendar aaaaapp on your nice smartie phone or comptuer? Point your calendar client to the link below 👇

Have some free time and wanna showcase your musical talent, favourite music, or let the world hear your rants & raves/happy & sad stories/etc.? Why not become a DJ on Tilderadio! Simply go to IRC ( for instructions) and talk to one of our sysadmins 'ben' @ben or 'deepend'! (I repeat -- on IRC please) 👍 Once you are a Tilderadio DJ you can pretty much livestream anytime when the timeslot is free. It would be better of course if you get a timeslot so your fans will know when you are livestreaming your show 🎤 🎶

Want to know more about our awesome online community? Go to and find out! 🌎 ❤️ 🤓👽🐱✨

hey frens!! bandcamp are waiving their revenue share again. if you're considering buying our EP today is the day to do it!!

only if you have spare cash obvs. otherwise listen on spotify or download from bandcamp for free ✨

I am largely of the opinion that notifications, particularly on phones, is heavily misused. Non-Foss apps will use it to constantly beg for your attention and make you feel like something is urgent. Foss apps tend to give you more control, but I don't like the defaults. Notifications should be used for urgent information. (continued)

Pls join me in the Intergalactic Wasabi Hour livestreaming on #Tilderadio in 15 minutes! 0100-0200 UTC/9-10 PM EDT 🙏

To tune in go to:


point your media player to: (or radio.mp3 if .ogg does not work)

and dont forget to hangout with us on IRC! Go to for instructions 🎶

#SpaceDisco #ItaloDisco #HiNRG

Raise your hand if you remember your ICQ number. 85766

koyu's rock show is starting in about 10 minutes! #anonradio

tune in:
or on the right sidebar on

Please join me in the Intergalactic Wasabi Hour tonight at 01:00 UTC/9PM EDT on #Tilderadio 🚀

Tuesday nights on the Intergalactic Wasabi is always #80s synth and #NewWave ... If you would like to hear your favourite 80s song, respond to this toot 🆕✨ or send an email to snowdusk AT 📫✨ If I have the song or can find it I will play it ✌️😅 Thank you!!!

To tune in go to:


point your media player to:

Chat with us via IRC during the live show! Go to for instructions

See you soon! ✌️

I’ll be playing a micro-set today on Open Mic when the stream is free... Come join me at and on #SDF com at 0300 UTC or there abouts. 👨‍🎤

This Stunning Chart From EU Transport and Environment Shows Why Battery Electric Vehicles Win

I’ve seen these arguments made so many times, countless times, but humans are not as great as we think we are at comprehending and synthesizing written arguments. They say that a picture is a thousand words, but a picture is better than a thousand words, because a thousand words is often too verbose to make a good point. Just share that chart any time you’re trying to explain to someone why battery electric vehicles are the future.
Which is also why Hydrogen has made sense in specialised applications such as a bus, ferry or truck depot with a centralised departure point vs consumer vehicles wanting to fill up all over the place.
See This Stunning Chart Shows Why Battery Electric Vehicles Win
#environment #EV


An hour of delectable sonic comestibles curated for your listening pleasure. An eclectic mix, meandering through 80s anthems, 90s EDM, contemporary electronica and the odd crunchy surprise. Themed sets and auditory adventures will ensue, as will startling juxtapositions. Join Bronzie and the damgudcyberchatter family on SDF com and IRC to shoot the breeze as Bronzie streams the party atmosphere. Resistance is futile // Archives available at

Yet more evidence we should all be using #Firefox or another browser with a proven record on user rights and #security.

"#Google was sued on Tuesday in a proposed class action accusing the internet search company of illegally invading the privacy of millions of users by pervasively tracking their internet use through browsers set in “private” mode. "

#infosec #privacy #surveillancecapitalism #humanrights

uspol, violence 

In the current US civil unrest, who do you believe is principally responsible for the violence and destruction?

(Boosts welcome)
" aims to be musician friendly database of linux available software and plugins (taking kvr as an example but with better linux world coverage)
Only linux native software/plugin are in database, we dont wanna focus on wine-related stuff, as we would fall into every other vst database.
Each software/plugin in the database was runned successfully under either ardour, carla (DSSI) or standalone."

RT @csa_asc
There are great opportunities to spot the @Space_Station and wave to the crew on board as they fly over Canada tonight!

Need some help to see the Station? We have you covered: . #SpotTheStation

Wow, apparently websites like and port scan your computer from localhost via your browser, bypassing your firewall. If you don't have and installed in your browser and enabled the filter, this is yet another reason to do so.

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