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The Unisys ICON 2 is one of my favourite computers of all time. I learned Turing and C on these, and also spent a lot of time playing games before school. These ran QNX and were my first experience with a Unix-like OS. The Ontario government destroyed the computers and software and they are now incredibly rare.

There are some pictures of one of the few working ICONs here:


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Hello everyone. I've been an user and enthusiast for nearly ten years. I don't work in tech so unfortunately I have no real life friends who share my interest in .

I'm currently trying to get better at and as I transition away from using Excel/VBA for data analysis at work.

My other interests include .

I hear this question a lot: “Do I raise or return this error in Python?”

This is probably because the right answer will depend on your situation and the goals of your application logic. Either choice can help you ensure your Python code doesn’t fail silently, saving you and your teammates from having to hunt down deeply entrenched errors.

Here’s the difference between `raise` and `return` when handling failures in Python, and how to ensure your code doesn’t fail…

If you live in and want to try DNS over HTTPs, you can use CIRA's DNS server. It might be a better option than Cloudflare.


I've jumped around various instances, large and small, but never quite settled in properly in a particular corner of the fediverse.

Have decided to give mastodon another go on a personal self-hosted instance, where I'll be out on a bit of a limb, in a pretty quiet space.

I do lots of computing for work... #music on #vinyl, #gardening and occasional #cycling for fun.

Expect posts on these things and also left-ish #politics (non CW'd).

Café 80s 28 - LIGHT & DARK

Calling all @SDF damgüdcyberchatters - come walk the line between the dark and the light, find the rhythm of the night and dance in the uplifting light of an eternal 1980s summer.

Bronzie will lead a journey through classic anthems, textured with synth and sax and gated reverb. Come join the party - all are welcome ❤️

00:00 utc saturday (today!) -

Come for the tunes, stay for the chooms

Been keeping this development train rolling today and got another good feature ready. I was able to finish up basic video saving functionality. This is using some playlist logic underneath but will only allow you to save one list of videos. I'll be releasing it with this behavior but when user playlists are finished, all the videos in this list will be migrated to a "Favorites" playlist automatically. Really excited to get this out to everyone.

"On the list of the country’s top 20 cities with the most dangerous drivers, Charleston managed to land at No. 5." 🤬

#cycling @mastobikes

If you are a #cyclist, please share your ride photos. It would be nice to honor @pla's life of cycling after such sad news.

Please boost this if you can. Thanks.

*Century Rider*

His daily commute,
A regular route,
Astride his bike,
A ride to like.

Then weekends came
With more of the same
Riding a "century",
An adventurer, he.

It came to an end
On a road with no bend
His joy is now hushed,
By a car he was crushed.

But where is the moral,
The memorial laurel?
At bad drivers, I'm pissed.
PLA, you will be missed!


#GNU Jami is a complete cross platform communication app. In this blog, Ade Malasa Akbar describes how it works:

So I started porting my apps to GTK 4 and the first one is Authenticator. On the menu: GTK4 of course, a ton of new features & complete rewrite in Rust
The source code is available at

Please join me in The Intergalactic Wasabi Hour tonight, in 4 minutes, livestreaming on #Tilderadio ! 0100-0200 UTC/8-9PM EST

To tune in, go to:

or (or radio.ogg)

"There has been a significant improvement to Jami's ability to operate on low-bandwidth networks. We are very proud of this improvement, as it will open communications to a large number of users with limited access to the Internet (and they make up the vast majority of humanity!) using Jami. For example, now Jami needs only 50 kB/s in audio/video mode, and 10 kB/s for audio-only calls."

#Jami @Jami

Really proud of this pic I got of my 128k , one of the coolest computers I got 😃

Intergalactic Wasabi Hour with @snowdusk on #Tilderadio Live!
here's how to tune in: point your media player to
or listen to the web player!

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