We're running some user research! Do you want to help us get to know you and understand how you listen to podcasts?

Then please complete this short form (<5 minutes):

You can let us know on there if you’d be happy to take part in an interview and help us learn!

@AntennaPod On the first page of the survey:

Before you start, please prove you are human.
Please solve the following equation:( Mandatory )
But where's the equation? I'm a blind person, using a screen reader to read the survey.

@devinprater @AntennaPod It's in a randomly generated image with id="yw0" but with no alt text.

The image is always a 2 digits number plus or minus a 1 digit number.

Dear @devinprater,
So sorry to hear that this is not accessible! We have turned off the captcha, so you should be able to proceed now. The captcha is standard functionality in LimeSurvey (open source survey solution). We will report to them that the current implementation/solution is not accessible.
If you have any other (accessibility-related) feedback on the survey or on our app, please don't hesitate to let us know.

@AntennaPod @DavidMarzalC Awesome, thanks. I'll have to check out the app, I think it's on FDroid.

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