Since arlier this year, following many requests, we can receive donations. In nine months we already received more than enough to cover our (minimal) expenses for the foreseeable future. (Thank you dear donors!)

So, instead of giving us money, why not support your favourite podcaster this end of year?

You can find the podcasts you most listened to here: Settings » Statistics. From there you can pick a creator that you want to support!


Would a feature inside AntennaPod be useful, if you detect a patreon, liberapay, buymeacoffee, paypal link inside the channel stream, you could offer that to your users with a simple button.

Not sure if there's a support link in the rss spec for this sort of thing.

it's a feature I wish our desktop app distributors (linux desktop distros) would do for us app developers. It would be really neat.

If the podcaster add their Patreon, PayPal or whatever page in their RSS feed, it will already display in AntennaPod :)
Please do reach out to your favourite podcasters to encourage them to do so! (You can point them here: or to our forum for support:

On our end, we can make those options more prominent in the app, indeed. You can currently find them via a podcast's screen » info icon.

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