Endlich mal alle Podcasts die ich so höre auf einen ordentlichen Podcatcher (#AntennaPod) umgestellt.

Wenn das noch irgendwie mit der Nextcloud oder dem Laptop syncen würde wär's richtig nett, aber das geht aktuell anscheinend nur über Drittanbieter. Hmpf.


@KopfKrieg Des wäre echt ein gutes Feature, vlt kann @AntennaPod das ja in der Zukunft integrieren 🤔

@Beowulf @KopfKrieg
Sorry for replying in English. But we have good news! There are no less than TWO Nextcloud apps that might (!) synchronise with AntennaPod:
☝️ github.com/thrillfall/nextclou replicating gpodder.net functionality (not published yet, but when released it would quickly support synchronisation)
✌️ apps.nextcloud.com/apps/podcas Podcast app built specifically for Nextcloud (we're trying to see with the developer if we can support synchronisation)
We'll be sure to toot about it if/when it's there!


Remember our toot about Nextcloud synchronisation? 🎉 Seems we have a winner!
🔄 With the merging of github.com/AntennaPod/AntennaP it will be possible to sync AntennaPod with a gPodder 'server' in your own Nextcloud instance.

Will be available in AntennaPod 2.5!

@Beowulf @KopfKrieg

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