AntennaPod 2.3 is rolling out! Already on Google Play since a couple of days, and hopefully soon also on @fdroidorg. You can now tag your subscriptions to organize them. For a full list of changes, have a look at our website:

@AntennaPod @fdroidorg
Got that update a day or couple ago.
Like the changes.

An off-topic question. Would it be appropriate to mention your account and write my thoughts about the features I lack or see as implemented poorly after moving from Podcast Addict?
I already wrote about it in Russian here, but I can extract and translate it if it'd be useful.

Hi @skobkin
Sorry we never replied to your previous message, about your write-up in Russian. Reviews are always welcome! Either it promotes our project to potential new users, or (/and) gives our team of volunteers valuable feedback 👍

> Sorry we never replied to your previous message, about your write-up in Russian

I thought you did. And if you mean replying to my exact message in Russian, I didn't expect that at all.
That's why I'm asking if it would be helpful for me to extract what I was writing there not for you (your account wasn't announced then), so it's totally fine.

> Reviews are always welcome!

Ok then. I'll try not to forget and write that in English too. And if it ends in some changes I'll be happy 🙂

@AntennaPod @fdroidorg Awesome! Suggestion: let the users download the APK from your website or from GitHub

Thanks for that suggestion, @edgren. Any particular reason you're bringing this up? Note that advanced users can already download builds from CircleCI (using GitHub login) and directly from F-Droid.
But it's not really recommended as that way there's no update mechanism, which could pose usability problems as bug fixes don't reach users (thus leading to more user support work) and outdated software ultimately (in the grand scheme of things) could lead to security risks.

@AntennaPod You're welcome 🙂

I can only speak for myself, but I can't wait for this update to be on F-Droid. F-Droid are worse than Apple when it comes to releasing updates. So, because of this, I want to download the APK from the website or from the GitHub page 🙂

Or, you could just add an updater to your app as what Telegram has done if you download the app from their website 🙂

In defense of F-Droid: slower updates are possibly a shortage of money (server capacity) and/or volunteers. We can't say that of Apple 😉
If you would want to propose the update mechanism as a feature request, I'd recommend to do so on our forum, so all our active contributors can chip in on the discussion:

Nice. AntennaPod have been my favorite podcasting app for many years. I didn't even start using it because it was FLOSS, it was simply the best podcasting app around.

I agree.
My only problem with @AntennaPod is that when I open the app, it immediately connects to iTunes without asking (and therefore should be anti-feature flagged in F-Droid). There's also no way to deselect iTunes (or I couldn't find it).

I know they use iTunes for searching for new podcasts, but I don't think there's any reason to connect to iTunes when you open the app. Maybe you're subscribed to a podcast that's only available on iTunes, so the app might connect to it when your feeds are being refreshed.

BTW, Could you tell me how you found out about this connection ? Is there a good firewall app or something that can do this on android ?
@heywood @AntennaPod


Good question!? I use NetGuard as Firewall and I see no connection to iTunes ...

@heywood @AntennaPod

How can I see the connections using netgaurd ? Do I need the pro version for that ?

@trianderror @heywood @AntennaPod

Yes, I use Netguard and: yes, it's a pro feature.
I just installed Antennapod and immediately it tries to connect to iTunes, even before I had a chance to add or search for podcasts.
@AlexSittner @heywood @AntennaPod

@futureisfoss @trianderror @AlexSittner @heywood

iTunes is indeed (only) called when the "Add podcast" or the "Discover" screen is shown, as the discover suggestions are provided by iTunes. There is no link with feed refresh. As this is the first screen shown for new users, you'll see this connection on first launch (and any other time you open the Add Podcast screen). You can disable this by going to the Discover screen, tap on the country, and select 'Hide' (first item on the list).

Perhaps have a "Show suggestions" toggle on the first launch screen before connecting to iTunes? I always prefer opt-in over opt-out, and it's not best practice to have opt-out after connections have been made.

Two of our project goals are to A) provide a simple user interface, so that our app is easy to use for first time users, and B) respect users' privacy. See also We have to balance those two goals, which isn't easy.

If you want to propose a toggle as a feature request, I'd recommend to do so on our forum, so all our active contributors can chip in on the discussion. There also is a FR to update the Discover screen, making it iTunes-free:


No, to see the connection is in the free version, to block individual selected connection is a PRO feature.

@heywood @AntennaPod

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