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Google loses Sonos smart speakers patent fight - US trade commission rules against the tech giant over the use of smart-speaker technology... -

@TechZerker check out for phone service, you can get SMS through an XMPP bridge

@logrus1 cool! Need to look up some marinades, found any good ones?

@logrus1 oh what temp do you smoke it at and for how long? I must try this.

@linkleps Vultr, mainly as a data center is super close

@hund If you wanted to setup Snikket it's easy, like if you can install Docker you can install Snikket. Reverse proxy is straight forward too.

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Signal is making a part of their server source code proprietary software:

"To keep Signal a free global communication service without spam, we must depart from our totally-open posture and develop one piece of the server in private".

Taking into account it's centralized nature and that they don't allow third party clients, Signal seems to be just as bad as other "privacy" oriented companies.

Leave Signal and join a truly private, decentralized and libre protocol like

@hund @yunohost @snikket_im I thought I heard that the Snikket folks were working on that.

@gabor they are well supported and easy to unlock, I know but it's true

@gabor does seem that the Google phones are the best ones to de-Google

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Does enyone know about any good Hugo course? The only ones I've found are too basic (only about installing it and editing pre-made templates). I'm looking for something about how to use archetypes, assets (pipes), layouts, etc. Something... you know... complete?

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