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Alright... Waking up at stupid o'clock in the morning so its time to do what one shepherd said to the other... " get the flock out of here..."

Whoa... PUBG for PC costs €30? I would rather chew my own arm and beat myself to death with it...

Damn I miss fishing... I have not been at any lake in over 15 years...

I am working 4 days a week - 32 hours. That's been agreed when I started and what I should be doing but in those 4 days I am working about 40 - 44 hours and I am not getting paid overtime. I am giving him 8 - 12 hours for free every week and every week he wants more more and more. Yes I know this series of toots is way to long and you probably don't care and never got thru all of them. Doesn't matter. I just needed to get this of my chest and I don't want to unload this on my wife. //EndOfRant

And my boss tells me I am "sitting on me arse all day doing f*** all" and that "he is not used to giving people money for nothing"... that "he is trying to get us work and I am being ungrateful and throw it in his face". I have a co-worker who starts at 8 30 everyday and finishes at 5 30. 15 minutes tea break. 1 hour lunch. Me? I start at 7 most days. Finish at 6 or 7. I am lucky if I can grab a tea break and a few cigarettes during the day because the workload won't let me for an hour of lunch.

And it wasn't always like that... I used to smile in the morning while going to work. I had a weekly / monthly documentation to be filled out and filed, product labels to be printed. Then the entire local network needed troubleshooting / upgrading / administration so now its on my head. Promo graphics / posters / facebook ads, lab testing. International transport documentation. Weekly livestock purchase invoices. Registering landlord stuff. Butcher shop support. Hair and Beauty salons support.

I have to provide money for my wife and myself. Every week its getting harder and harder to get up in the morning and go to work because when I think that I have to work with this ungrateful, under-appreciative, cheap, technology impaired asshole I am psyching myself out and I am feeling burned out before I even have to go there. Searching for a new job for weeks now. Nothing worth mentioning. Social welfare is not a solution. I feel like I am slowly drowning and I have no idea what to do..

I am working in the office for the abattoir / meat plant. Everything was okish until couple of months ago. My boss started new project. Now every Friday instead of working in the office he is sending me to the meat plant. I am suppose to take down numbers of the animals. Last week I came back home covered in sheep's blood, scratched and bruised. When I tell him I don't want to do this he goes ballistic. He is rude, loud and offensive. Big bully in general. I feel like I am stuck. I can't quit.

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Thanks to @AndrzejL for my new avatar! Very cool!

@mike All I am missing is that nose of yours... LOL and I cannot get it right coz the pic is tiny...

"I helped my uncle jack off a horse"

"I helped my uncle Jack, off a horse."

This is one of the reasons why capitalization and punctuation are important...

@mike Send me a pic in reasonable quality to 😁

Weekend in T minus 11 hours and counting...

Anyone knows how to take DRO photos on iOS 11.4?

For some reason i find federated timeline annoying...

Hey @kev I am trying to follow the howto over here:

And I am stuck at the base url point...

What's the API url on ?