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From now on I identify myself as killer whale penguin.

so he asked me if I am fucking awake and then he tells me to go and check. I told him I am in a cab on my way home as previously agreed so he got even more aggressive and hanged up on me.

Guy has a serious boundary issues. He does not respect my breaks. He talks to me through the toilet door for cats sake. He is a big bully. He can be aggressive and rude AF. When I ask him something he freaks the bean. I am reconsidering 10 times before I ask for anything.

I feel annoyed and unappreciated.

My boss can be such a prick...

In the morning I told him I have few things to take care of in town and I am going to take a cab at 4 PM. He agreed - no problem.

At some stage he rang me and asked few questions. He is weird and confused most of the time which makes answering those questions difficult but I gave him the answers he needed and went about my daily tasks.

It was 4 PM, I was in the cab and he calls me again. Asking about the same things as before. I didn’t remember the answers...

Perfect wife strikes again...

Crumble apple pie and almond vanilla ice cream

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Did you noticed that verbal expressions change their meaning in a different geographic locations?

For example expression "I hope you're hungry" in Republic of Ireland means that you're about to serve something delicious and you're worrying if the person that is suppose to feast on it has a good appetite.

The same phrase in Sudan is a cruel taunt.

So to summarize - I am pleased AF. The seller dropped few euros of the price when he found out I was buying two machines. Both Dells are quiet (in my opinion) even under a heavy loads. All of my games are running smooth even tho I have them set to max resolution / epic details etc and running OBS software to stream to in 1080p quality (no I am no streamer - I was just showing off to a friend).

What's next?

In the future I would like to add more RAM and add a boot SSD drive.

The End

When buying second hand gear I always run into a risk of buying a faulty equipment so when I purchased my Dell Optiplex 790 machines I was kinda anxious to test them properly. I have cleaned them inside, re-greased using Noctua cooling paste and sprayed WD40 into the fans to keep them quiet.

I was quite happy with the results...

AIDA64 stability test - over 1.5 hours - 0 thermal throttling / full turbo at 3.4 Ghz. Cinebench results were good too. My games were optimized and running smooth too.

So since I am a gamer and I was never able to get a gaming machine together after buying the Dell Optiplex 790 Small Form Factor machine and consulting with my personal asshole errr assistant @jason I have purchased something else too 😁😁😁

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 low profile graphics card which nearly ruined me financially (~€190) aaaand it so happens that a friend of mine was looking to sell his used Samsung 24” 1920 x 1200 screen. He sold it to me dirt cheap so YEEEHAW!

So... I was going to buy Thinkpad X220 laptop / tablet for my wife but then we’ve decided that since she already has a fully working X200 with great battery I will just upgrade her RAM to 8 GB and replace her hdd to WD Green 120 GB SSD (massive difference) and buy two used Dell Optiplex 790 machines. i5 2500 3.4 Ghz, 8 GB RAM, Intel HD graphics, Win 7 Pro 64 bit etc.

The machines are superb. Ex office machines. Good condition. Bit dusty inside. I paid €220 for both (including delivery from UK).

Just seen the Tournament with farriers. I have a strong gut feeling that Riley did not liked @DougMarcaida. Something about this Dude just seems off. He replied to Ben and David after each test but not to Doug. 3 times. And on top of that I have a weird feeling that he refused to shake Doug's hand at the end of the show. Camera shows Riley shaking David Baker's hand, then you can see Dougs hand ready for hand shake and camera cuts... Plus there is something dead cold in his eyes.

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Thank you broken internet of social interactactivity

My nearly ten year old son has informed me that he now identifies as an

"Apache Attack Helicopter "

Not entirly sure if his already sharp sense of sarcasm has gone into overdrive or not.

‪Why did the console gamer crossed the road?‬

‪To render the buildings on the other side of the street.‬

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