@kev Let me know if I am getting too annoying with this “Can you really?” Arch Linux / Nextcloud thing. I am just busting your chops and expecting the same thing in return. Forget about Arch for a moment (altho I believe that the fact that Arch comes with latest libraries helps) - what really was important for me when I was learning to setup Nextcloud was to use nginx php-fpm mysqld and redis combo. Apache was a nightmare and Nextcloud did not work well. I know you hate admining at home tho.. 😉

I get angry when people use term “Polish death camps”. There’s no such thing. There were however German death camps in Poland. We were forced to build them. Many Polish people died building them / inside them. My grand grand mother included.

Semantics? No. If German company builds a subsidiary in Poland using Polish builders its a German company in Poland. Fact.

Many Polish people died hiding / protecting our Jew (and not only) friends and their families from slavery and death.

Remember that.

Left a bag full of shopping at local store today. Got it back but it cost me a €10 to get a cab there and back. Stupid people do stupid things...

If anyone is interested I am selling my set of Encyclopedia books.

Wife knows everything better anyway...

I usually don’t read news because I usually end up pissed off. I made a mistake of going through the news in the Google app and found this...


I was pissed off! And then... I wrote to Netflix in Twitter and...

I have to admit that I kept my Twitter account. I love mastodon but Twitter allows me to contact companies like Netflix or my electricity provider.

I admire Donald Trump. I especially love his “Wall” plan. I believe it is going to work. I have visited China last year and I have not seen any Mexican people.

Hey @kev you still glad you switched to iPhone?



There is only one thing worst than ISIS - it’s called TURBO ANAL-ISIS.

Recently I have canceled my house alarm service. I have hanged Pakistan flags on each side of my house instead. NSA, GCHQ, MI6 and Interpol are watching my house for me 24/7 and I am saving €49.99 per month.


Finally bought Witcher 3 GOTY on steam... FUN TIMES AHEAD WOOHOO!

I love soaking in the bathtub for hours... Falling asleep in warm water is so relaxing...

scrot --delay 5 --quality 100 --silent ~/Desktop/screenshot.png

I love how YouTube is recommending videos... I’ve watched one stupid video and now 90% of video recommendations are based on it... Reckt...

This world is nucking futs...


“Political correctness is fascism pretending to be manners” - George Carlin

How big of a moron do you have to be to cause issues over snowman’s gender? It’s a snowMAN. Get over it and STFU.

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