Its not like I dont know how to nuke my Linux install.

No, but I know how to fix it when I do.

Reinstalling your OS because Windows Updates have detected incompatible system settings ... thanks Microsoft!

So glad I only use Windows at work.

I love to make up ideas in my mind even if it takes weeks, months or years for me to actually implement them.

Right now I'm already thinking about the SXMO scripts I want to write on my PinePhone. But I dont even own a PinePhone yet!

When I do actually implement them I can rejoice and my mind is at rest.

@bs a search engine that removes results once they're clicked.

@bs starty: like startx, but displays a big, fat Y instead of your window manager.

@bs a todo manager which forgets all todos each morning. Unless you pay a fee. To Google. Via Paypal ... per friends & families.

I'm happy I was able to install linux on the computer of my close family/relatives.

No more "its so slow" or " boot loop after update" or "can you please clean up".

Long live FOSS!

(Now I wait for mobile linux to be ready...)

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We are building an ecosystem of devices that respects your time, attention, and well-being. We want to hear from you!

1. Complete our Community Survey
2. Apply for our Community Pilot Program

When I see a prompt "Continue with tracking or pay" I close a website immediately.

I know it's hard nowadays to push out content and earn money, but selling my data isn't worth any information I could possibly get.

What does fosstodon think about an opt-in "safer communities" setting that mutes the most muted profiles and blocks the most blocked keywords? This feature would preferably exist on the mastodon source.

Dont really need just another computer, but this looks promising as I have a NAS with similiar specs and I am pretty happy with it.

Idea: A new HTML/TCP/DNS replacement with Markdown-only content that is adoptive to both the device and reader (screen-reader, color blindness, etc).

Bonus: Content can be saved automatically and read offline with a simple setting.

RSS feeds would also probably be built-in.

Shout out to all the Open Source programmers, I've retrieved passwords for a niche windows mail program by using a 7+ year old python library that was uploaded on github.

If people like you didn't exist my life would be so much harder! Feel free to boost, everyone taking their part in OSS is awesome!

What are you primarly doing with your old (linux) devices?

I've saved a laptop from endless "Windows updates, reboots and updates again" by replacing the old hdd with a better one (had no spare SSD) and installing Linux on it.

Runs buttersmooth after a few tweaks, never saw that laptop so fast.

Doesn't fix the bad display and speakers, but at least browsing and mails is as snappy as can be.

(Will also make it easier for me to maintain the laptop in the future)

For those who handle ISO files/installations from an external drive/media regulary:

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As I announced earlier, I've been working on an alternative to PrivacyTools, PrivacyGuides, etc. All of them target non technical users, have sponsors and affiliate links.

The Privacy Raccoon - Digital Self-defense against mass surveillance

It's not finished yet, there's a lot of work to do. But I wanted to announce it so people can contribute to it. If you're interested in contributing, go here:

Wrote 2 new shell utilities:
- A forecast for my ledger to see how my income/expenses progress in the target timeframe
- A tool to conditionally pipe text to another tool based on a regex

Attached is an image which displays both tools at work.

Do you give free tech support for your friends & family?

Whenever I use Windows I'm underwhelmed.

I don't know why I'm still giving Windows support in my family, given that I havent used it as my main OS for nearly 10 years now and the last Windows I use(d) is Windows 7.

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