@jeffalyanak @PINE64 Even more importantly, DIP switches and a reset button!?

Question: is there a tool that will 'interpret' Linux log files (syslog, dmesg)? I know there are filters but am looking for something that explains messages. If there isn't anything, would it be good to have? Might make it a student project if people think it is a good idea.

Thanks everyone. I might go with newegg. I do like the idea of finding a vendor on Amazon and then seeking out their own website. Tried a few but have not found one that convinced me yet.

I do have a Microcenter in town but it is a bit out of the way and am too busy at the mo to pop by.

Thanks again.

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Am looking for a good alternative to Amazon for mail ordering computer stuff in the US. Any tips? Am thinking of the equivalent of bookshop.org for IT.

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With Mastodon having a few years under it's belt now, how are your friends/family reacting to you using it vs. the traditional social media outlets? Have you been able to convince anyone to come over and check it out or start using it exclusively? What are the arguments that you're hearing for using Facebook/IG/Twitter, etc. over Mastodon?

@cooper joining is my experience. Got my PhD student to join as well but no family.

Now is the time to try and grow for alternatives to the big commercial platforms. Student of mine is going to do a survey on what keeps people from switching. Will try to get her to post results in this thread (early Sept.) Folks, please keep answers coming as this will inform her questions as well as @cooper 's activities.

Quick question: is there a system that will interpret dmesg/syslog messages for me? Ideally, I would like them annotated as well as classified into normal/warn/error or something. Reason I am asking is because I struggle to understand most of what is in there but also because I would propose a student project to create one if such a system does not exist.

@phlegmaticvolk thanks - but what is it that this bot is actually doing? Why is it asking me to follow it? I've blocked it now since seems to be too general and also not always effective.

So, boys and girls and other fellow creatures, what is the followbot? @followbot From what I gather, it tries to index toots and makes them available to the world. Why does it need me to follow it? I gather people consider it unfriendly but is there a good summary why?

Hello Mastodonians (is that what you call yourselves?),

I am new to these lands, just migrated from the evil Zuckerland, so please be kind. Am a computer scientist at the University of St Andrews with an interest in, broadly, computers and society and participatory design.

Upcoming project is an investigation into the role that software engineering methods play in shaping technologies and their social impact, focusing on human rights.


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