Student of mine is conducting a survey on the barriers to uptake of alternative social media platforms. Your input would be much appreciated. Please boost.

@AlexVoss I can't speak for all indians but when foreigners want surveys done to help them get their Master's dissertation in qualitative studies they usually leave bags of sweets or ladoos. It's not like we're asking for the return of the kohi noor. but maybe you should add that to your teaching of the course.

@DesCoutinho Thanks for the feedback. We did discuss what we can do to appreciate peoples' contributions and decided to put up a page with the results once the dissertation is done. We thought this was the best way to say thanks. The link is:

Expect to see the content come up in September. I will toot again about it and will try to remember using the same hashtags but I have no idea what the chances are you will see this.

Best wishes and stay safe in these crazy time.

@AlexVoss Poysonally I would have offered anyone who completed the survey a free round of golf off season at the St Andrews Golf club. The University has a deal with the golf course anyway for students. And people were prepared to travel all the way to the middle of nowhere after filling in the questionnaire a round of golf ain't all that. The link though is one of the saddest I have seen. Wot no graphic designers at StAndrews?

@DesCoutinho I'll have to have a word with the Principal about golfing. I seem to remember the old and ancient white men finally allowed her to become a member. Next time I have tea with her, I'll bring it up, I promise. Do. not. hold. your. breath. It might be a while. Nope, no design school at StA, no law school either & only half a medical school, thought they won't like me saying that. It's a small fishing village on the East coast of Fife, already punching above the 8k residents class.

@AlexVoss It used to be full of English public school boys being one of the 7 great universities. They used to send law students to Glasgow as I recall. There was a report of a rape culture in an amurkan student fraternity at StAndrews. The absence of any cultural distractions should help students hit the libraries more. Supposed to be slightly warmer than the latitude because its a sort of valley. Still think the world is better with it than without. But it's a very white elite university.

Done, since the questions were somehow... strange 😁

@AlexVoss Nice but the questions about the real barriers are missing. You should do a kind of interview. BTW a Bachelor Degree in Europe is 3 years not 4, like in other regions of the world.

i'm not sure if it's intended behaviour, but after inputting custom answer about alternative social networks (Mastodon in that case,) the rest of a survey still treated me as if i never tried any of them

@AlexVoss Answered, with difficulty and confusion. After answering that I use Mastodon daily I got questions about why I had never tried any alternative social networks and what would make me more likely to try them.


well the problem is . i've set a specific time in the future where i would leave mainstream social media

so technically option 3 is incorrect as i am not staying.
but technically option 4 is also incorrect as i have not done it yet.
(i will pick 4 for the sake of not wasting time though, as it will become true later)

@loganer thanks for the feedback. I will forward the comment to my student to make a note for the future. Thanks for taking part.

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