Student of mine is conducting a survey on the barriers to uptake of alternative social media platforms. Your input would be much appreciated. Please boost.

Done, since the questions were somehow... strange 😁

@AlexVoss Nice but the questions about the real barriers are missing. You should do a kind of interview. BTW a Bachelor Degree in Europe is 3 years not 4, like in other regions of the world.

i'm not sure if it's intended behaviour, but after inputting custom answer about alternative social networks (Mastodon in that case,) the rest of a survey still treated me as if i never tried any of them

@AlexVoss Answered, with difficulty and confusion. After answering that I use Mastodon daily I got questions about why I had never tried any alternative social networks and what would make me more likely to try them.


well the problem is . i've set a specific time in the future where i would leave mainstream social media

so technically option 3 is incorrect as i am not staying.
but technically option 4 is also incorrect as i have not done it yet.
(i will pick 4 for the sake of not wasting time though, as it will become true later)

@loganer thanks for the feedback. I will forward the comment to my student to make a note for the future. Thanks for taking part.

@AlexVoss I hope you will ping back when it will have been published.

@AlexVoss That is a question I am very much interested in. I started a Mastodon server for scientists and hope this will develop into a social media system all scientists use. Just like Facebook once started at universities.

A related question that may only be obvious to administrators: there are many people who sign up, but never use their account or stop using their account after some time. Reducing this outflow would also help growth of alternative social media a lot & should be understood.

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