Hello Mastodonians (is that what you call yourselves?),

I am new to these lands, just migrated from the evil Zuckerland, so please be kind. Am a computer scientist at the University of St Andrews with an interest in, broadly, computers and society and participatory design.

Upcoming project is an investigation into the role that software engineering methods play in shaping technologies and their social impact, focusing on human rights.

@AlexVoss Clearly you're a wise man:). Welcome to the fediverse, there are so many other projects here to explore, Mastodon is the gateway drug.

Not all of the folks who see this will be on Mastodon, BTW. The Fediverse shares a _little_ bit better than that.

@AlexVoss A warm welcome. Cofe and tea to the left.

@AlexVoss welcome to Mastodon which is an excellent microblogging alternative to Twitter with only lots of benefits. You may also want to dip into a peer-to-peer type social network as well at Hubzilla & Friendica would be the more direct decentralised equivalents of Zuckerland.

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