@rain I switched from NC to SeaFile the last month, basically for the same problems you mentioned (extra-maintenance every update, slow interface, sync of many little files or some big file is a PITA etc). Apart from the fact that SeaFile uses its own index for files (hence you do not have a folder with user/files/yourfiles but some blobs), it's very very good. Stable, fast, easy to set-up, sync just works. Sorry NC, I'm not coming back.

@edgren If I can, I would suggest you to install nextcloud on docker and use a web server installed directly on the os to manage SSL. Then, you can simply proxy all the requests to the docker container.
In particular I would suggest Caddy2 webserver, which automatically manages SSL certificates.

Hi! I posted some new posts on my blog ( alexmv12.xyz/blog/ ) about:
- my new backup solution using restic and systemd
- using real names on social networks and its consequences
- the "AARON Test", an test similar to the famous Turing test

If you want to give it a read and leave a feedback, you are welcome!

Trying out NixOs. It has been a cool day, I like many aspects of the Nix package manager.
Howerver, I feel that I still have to study a lot.

@windwalk I would not worry. Eventually, all the things you did in the past lead to the "you" you are now. So, maybe it was not time wasted, but time needed to get to Linux, or whatever you want.

@VikingKong Using 2FA usually reduces the number of annoying login emails you receive.

@ataraxia937 One of the reasons for which I use TOTP integrated in BitWarden is that it drastically reduces the number of useless e-mails of "hey, you logged in into <service-name>" I receive.
With 2FA, usually you don't receive an e-mail when logging from a new session.

From the security point of view, however, 2FA using the password manager is useless.

@karan I completely agree. I wrote something similar on my blog some times ago because, man, I really hate DRMs.

@gaurdianaq @hund True. Also something like a Thunderbird add-in, given that Protonmail supports IMAP through the Bridge.

@edgren I have put my email in clear in my blog for like a month and nothing happened. Obviously, if it is an alias, it's better, so in case you can just trash it.

@gaurdianaq @hund I think you could achieve the first thing using filters. Like, if the sender is not in this list, push the mail in screening folder/label. Maybe it's not as fast as in hey, but filters are powerful.

@nixchick I really like the approach of this service. Is there any possibility to selfhost this? I could not find the code on the website.

@utahcon @lbry Is there a way to automatic check if a site is suitable for screen readers and other kind of accessibility features?

@simon Hi! May I suggest you something similar to commento.io/ for the comments, instead of Disqus?
However, nice blog 😃

@ewintr Welcome! Yeah, I felt the same about socials. Here the things are better.

@ataraxia937 Yeah, maybe it was a bit overkill :) A nice backup every once in 3 months is okay.

@ataraxia937 Yeah, but they could always close your account without further notice or explanations. Many times, they also don't give you access to your data, and if you don't have a copy...

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