Hi! I posted some new posts on my blog ( alexmv12.xyz/blog/ ) about:
- my new backup solution using restic and systemd
- using real names on social networks and its consequences
- the "AARON Test", an test similar to the famous Turing test

If you want to give it a read and leave a feedback, you are welcome!

Trying out NixOs. It has been a cool day, I like many aspects of the Nix package manager.
Howerver, I feel that I still have to study a lot.

For Void users: do you use the version with musl? If yes, how do you manage software which is not in the musl repository?
Is the musl version really faster/lighter/whatever you want with respect to the glibc one?

I just posted (yeah, at 1.30am) a new post which shows how to collect simple website analytics using GoAccess on Caddy logs. Check it out if you are interested, and let me know what you think!


Hello Fosstodon,
I had an old account, and haven't used Mastodon for a while, now.

However, I am getting bored by the very last social I am using: reddit.

By the way, with respect to only 1 year ago, I see waaay more people here! I guess it's time to come back.
And I opened my blog! I like the idea of having a "public" diary. Maybe what I have to say may help or be liked from someone else, who knows.

See you!


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