Hello all! Been putting off trying this out for quite some time. Been using for some time now, and now actively working towards using mostly .

I'm a big lurker, but I'll try and push myself to interact more!

@Gina thanks! I'm looking forward to figuring all this out!

@AgentBubbles Welcome. Fosstodon is easy to interact on because there's just so much interesting stuff!

@mike Thanks! There really is. It's kinda familiar, but different at the same time. I've read and watched some stuff on Mastodon, but I really need to get my hands dirty now

@AgentBubbles Welcome! Remeber to tag #Question and other relevant keywords. What distribution? :debian: :ubuntu: :trisquel: here.

@magicfab Thanks! I hadn't thought about doing something like that, so thanks for the tip!

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