After deciding to back everything up on my Mac Mini (2011) to reinstall macOS, I realized it's not supported for Mojave. So last night I installed rEFInd, reinstalled High Sierra and then Debian. Went back to dual screen on one computer, and using the Mac Mini as just a server now :-D

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Side note: if you are my ages IE creeping towards middle age like a slug on a cabbage leaf, please please listen to younger people (ethnicity, skin colour, sexuality, gender expression etc)& support the shit out of them! It's our job!

My granddad said a thing about racism I still remember:
"Young people get to do dumb shit, thats the point of being young - but if you're old you've had time to learn and have no excuse being an arse! Never respect age if it comes with a side order of ignorance!"

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Aaaand on another note, I decided to start a coding/linux to help the 'ol hamster on a wheel in my head.

It's really making me want to research further. There's times when I'd breeze through a tutorial and just hack away at copied code, but not fully understand half of it.

Now that I'm physically writing it, I'm also writing insight and reasons. It's been going good so far, and pretty fun!

I saw someone recently share some music on here. While I'm not a fan of normal rap (nerdcore baby!), I figured I'd share a little something anyways :-P

I've been playing this rendition of - Miracle with the BBC Scottish on repeat. Hope y'all don't mind!

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Anything else you're interested in is not going to happen if you can't breathe the air and drink the water. Don't sit this one out. Do something. -- Carl Sagan

I get distracted pretty easily. I really like to nerd out when I get the urge to code and try to do everything at once. So I'm making myself a small roadmap of what I need to do step-by-step.

No need to learn Docker, Flask, JavaScript, relearn Emacs, and research Apache vs Nginx all at once 😅

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Time is up for

I'm on Mastodon cause I'm fond of open source and as they are idealistic ideas that truly work.

Beside I'm into languages. Currently mostly 🇯🇵 , 🇫🇷 and 🇩🇪 . I'm studying to get comfortable with it.

I wish to overcome this awkward “No, I personally don't know anybody else who is using Fediverse” problem, so I'm considering to organise a in the where I live.

Ok. Going to give this a go and let everyone know I'm working towards getting some cobwebs off.

Learning , refreshing (been using lately), and starting to finally work on my site!

Hello all! Been putting off trying this out for quite some time. Been using for some time now, and now actively working towards using mostly .

I'm a big lurker, but I'll try and push myself to interact more!


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