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Persian Rescht large embroidered hanging, dating to the mid 19thc, artists unknown #womensart

The biggest reason I've replayed it so much is that there are four main paths, and what kind of information characters are willing to give you, and what side of themselves they show are path-dependent.
It really makes them seem like real people, who don't make it convenient for the player to know all their motives.

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I've been playing and replaying Tyranny by Obsidian Entertainment for the last year. It's got some great story and voice acting, and I always enjoy the magic system.
The premise is unusual in that your character is a conscripted enforcer for an evil empire in a world that just made it out of the Bronze Age, and it draws a lot of inspiration from real tyrants and atrocities. None of it is in bad taste, but it is very thought-provoking.

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A time traveller from the 2000's visits a modern software company

traveller: all your laptops have 32 GB of RAM in them?! Your devs must be doing some really heavy stuff, what the hell do they need all that memory for?

guide: web browsing.

traveller: fukken wat mate?

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Ten years ago, I didn't care about problems my decisions might create for my future self.

Five years ago, I practiced moderation to try to "balance" between my present self's gratification and future self's security.

Recently, I've tried to practice treating my future self as a different person than my present self, making decisions that show that future self the same respect I'd show to another human today.

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broke: roadrunner is the hero and wiley cayote is the villain
woke: wiley cayote is the hero and roadrunner is the villain
bespoke: the roadrunner is a tragedy about in the material conditions that force roadrunner and wiley cayote to be at costant odds
baroque: the roadrunner is an absurdist comedy in which roadrunner and wiley cayote are on the same side but have decided to play these games to occupy their time

The new Firefox password manager Lockbox for Android actually uses the clipboard to fill in logins.
But in Android the clipboard is public to all apps running, any app running in the backround can monitor the clipboard.

(relevant code here:
(info on reading clipboards here:

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@jbob @cstanhope

Lao Tzu:
If you are depressed, you are living in the past.
If you are anxious, you are living in the future.
If you are at peace, you are living in the present.

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New quick blog post about how you can use a simple bash script (really just a CURL command) to quickly organize your github repos.

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Happy first day of spring! I always love those early signs of life returning, like when the public benches emerge from their long winter's dormancy.

Spent an hour debugging audio controls in Ubuntu today. Really annoyed at the lost productivity but looking forward to being able to record a difficult lecture tomorrow.

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Programmers and lawmakers have one thing in common. They both create a system out of thin air and then hope that it will be used as intended

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Watch Every Episode of Bob Ross’ The Joy Of Painting Free Online: 403 Episodes Spanning 31 Seasons

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There are moments, like when my home feed is dominated by a single account who just toots too much, drowning out other accounts, when I long for some curation, like I was used to from e.g. Google+.

But then when I read another article about how dangerous it is to let algorithms decide what we see on social media, because it amplifies existing human bias and opens us up to manipulation, I am happy to be on a social network that doesn't let an AI filter what I see.

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Something that is blatantly obvious from looking through the actual physical historical record is that there are many women in computer science history that we just don't hear about. Sharla P. Boehm is the co-author of one of the three main papers that Paul Baran wrote inventing packet switching. Yet Baran is the only one remembered as its inventor. (Actually CO-inventor because another man independently invented it. No love for Boehm.)

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@hushpiper @njha @Gargron Hi! Going to jump in here, since I ran the program. You can read more about the rationale for the grant on the announcement here:

For context, Samsung NEXT is an innovation-focused arm of Samsung. We are looking to further decentralization technology in general, and focused the grant specifically on open source and research projects.

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I was going to announce it a bit later and more properly, but Mastodon received a $70k grant from Samsung NEXT through OpenCollective. I intend to make it available to those who contribute to the project, and have already notified some of the most regular contributors. The way OpenCollective works is that anyone can submit an expense and all transactions are listed transparently. It also holds the money.

As for myself, I intend to continue using Patreon for my own wage/costs.

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I have serious doubts that random script kiddie trying to extort bitcoin from me with idle threats knew just how good of a mood that would put me in. I've been perma-grinning all morning. Every time I think about it, it makes me laugh!

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"Everyone has a fear. Everyone is scared of something, but it's not until you face that fear head-on that you realize your power and that's when you grow."

— Ellen DeGeneres

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