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make it solar powered, radio/satellite connected, then just leave it in the jet stream

put it on a solar glider drone and make the ip owners have to call the military to take it down

can you put the master host out on a solar powered bouy in international waters and be safe?

so i've been thinking, right,

shitty compamies avoid taxes by using banks in other countries

is it possible for open source projects avoid copyrights and patents by putting the repo hosts in equivalent countries?

idk if you can even buy JUST the print surface tbh

they both came with the magnetic attachment plate, so i might be able to repurpose the extra backing for something

hells yeah

got a fexible magnet build plate for my printer

found me old music collection, shits great yo

I do enjoy how github actually properly previews .stl files


mental health 

anyone know any good OS for the rockpro64?

ahaha nice, the term changes are there no matter who's account your looking at

why the fak do I not have my discord password written down somewhere

apart from my google account that's like the worst account to lose



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