So I bought a pi4 and two 1 TB external ssd's so I can make my first "beginner" home cloud server with NextcloudPi. I'm wanting to have the OS on a USB flashdrive and not on one of the "data" ssd's. But when I tried it it didn't work. I did get it to boot off one of the "data" ssd's, but that's not how I want it. Do you think I need a USB 3 flashdrive to make it boot? The one I was trying it with wasn't.

I had to decline the full stack Java developer bootcamp πŸ₯Ί The wife and I kind of forgot something important .... my current job holds my family's health insurance. Probably should wait till the wife graduates and carries the insurance before I just drop it all.

I always wanted to cross the Mississippi on the ice and go check out that island. But it's the Mississippi sooooo no. πŸ˜„

So I've been self teaching myself coding off and on for a good year or two. Started out with HTML5 and a little bit of C++. Currently been messing around with Python for about a year. I recently been offered to apply for a free 3 month bootcamp to become a jr. Full stack Java developer with a 6 month contract after. Not sure if I'm ready .... or how to even fill out a programmer resume.

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The information is a bit hidden in their FAQ. This is the way to help your friends and family to decide:

Spread the word.

Currently exporting and uploading episode #9 of the Crazy Thoughts Podcast! It's my first solo episode, and I tried to keep it "interesting". In this episode I go over the storm on the Capital, and Parler being banned! It will be live on YouTube at 8 a.m. Till then .... check out our other episodes here

Thank you everyone! I had a nice relaxing birthday. And I fixed the menu bar so it it doesn't take up so much of the pi screen. πŸ˜…

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It's my 30th birthday today, and my 3.5 inch touchscreen display came in for my pi 3b+!!!! I bet you can guess what I've been playing with all day haha

After a LONG day of running around in the car .... it's nice to relax at the park so the dog can run around, and I can enjoy this .... 😌

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Thoughts on the app Session? My next podcast episode I'm planning on giving people alternatives to main stream social/streaming apps. (Yes this one will be included also) Session seems to be the only messenger apps that doesn't require a name, email, and or phone # unless I'm missing one. Sure it doesn't do phone calls or FaceTime, but I don't do much of either anyways. Soo any thoughts or info about it that I may not know? So far I'm loving it!!

I know this post isn't about tech, but man did it look beautiful out today!

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Yesterday I build a macropad.

It is my first build to include rotary encoders and man they are fun to play around with! 😁

This was also my first build where I had to solder more than just the mechanical switches. I had to solder every single component onto the PCB which was a lot of fun (except for the USB-C connector. It was a pain in the butt to solder that beast). :morty:

What's up? Just found out about mastodon a week or so ago, and just recently switched instances to this one. I'm currently working as a machine mechanic till the wife finishes school the end of 2021. Then I'm planning on switching carriers to programming and hopefully along the lines of robotics. I have LITTLE experience in a few different languages that you can find in my bio. Just here to increase my knowledge and get myself in the ecosystem.


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