“Welcome to the App Store” :smug:
(It’s not live yet, but stay tuned)

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Ok, I just needed to remove it from gadget bridge and connect it again.

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I was hoping someone might be able to

Ampache5 is getting close to stable now and I've been putting effort into speeding things up.

It 'feels' faster but I was wondering if or had some kind of benchmark tool that I could use to compare 4 vs 5.

I've been doing some experiments with ssh, and decided it would be nice to have the ability to quickly spin up some disposable machines to run experiments on. So, I got out my go-to tool for this: Docker.

I went with Alpine Linux, so it would be lightweight (the image is only a few MB).

So, I had to install and run sshd, no big deal. apk made the process of installing sshd easy, and it's a few simple extra steps to prepare keys, but then I got to the running it step...

3AM and I can't sleep... Time to discover the "Dark side" of fosstodon.

Hat irgendwer von euch eine Ahnung was das sein könnte? Es lag in einer Kiste voller Stricknadeln, das hat vielleicht nichts zu heißen, wäre aber eventuell ein Anhaltspunkt!?
#Followerpower #Followipower

Does anyone have a recommendation for a plugin that automatically asks the to take a snapshot of new posts?

I try my hardest to keep archives of my personal blog there, but it's *really* tiring to keep everything up-to-date manually, especially when I change the whole layout of the site and have to re-add every. single. page :blobcattableflip:


Morgen ist #sysadminday

Lasst euch feiern und so, und sagt v.a. eurem Umfeld noch mal schnell bescheid 🥳



Selbstverständlich verkanten sich die beiden Dübelstangen hin und wieder, vor allem am Einschalter. Dann lässt das Instrument sich nicht ausschalten und geht wieder an, sobald der Aus-Taster losgelassen wird. Der Organist schaltete die Orgel jetzt einige Monate nur über die Sicherung ein und aus.

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Haven't touched it for roughly 9 months, but I've finally made some minor tweaks to Vanilla CSS:


Now supports basic dark mode, figure and blockquote cleanups etc.

Ich sitze am Computer und verbessere den Wikipedia Artikel für Ambivalenz. Der ist mir zu eindeutig

Does anyone have any recommendations for streaming old movies like this?

I think last time I watched it was on arte's TVthek, where it currently isn't available...

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