is truly an amazing piece of software. Love Valve or hate them. They certainly are trying to improve the life of Linux gamers

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@tilvids is the only peertube instance I know that keeps content quality high and has enough of it. Any other recommendations?

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Hat jemand Interesse an einem Cullmann 3400 und/oder einem Cullmann 3150?

Eines davon wahlweise mit Einbeinstativ im Inneren.

Gebraucht aber gut in Schuss.

Das große ~50€ das kleinere ~40€ VB.

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Ok UT Gemini client is done (at least basic functionality) for now. It can be found either here or here .

I will now move on and learn how to use , PyQt5 will come afterwards cause I am quite confident with QML anyway.

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Hi! I'm new and am excited to work on my new PinePhone. I'm in systems in my day job and familiar with Unix so Linux is also very familiar to me. That being said I'm definitely a NOOB for sure. Glad to be here and appreciate any help from the community as I get my PinePhone working. Cheers!

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It's officially a week of using only Linux as my main OS.
Everything its going smoothly.

Ended up installing MX linux.

Jesus christ. I finally got a container on the screen of my UbPorts device. That was way to painfull for some reason(reason = me doing poor research before starting to code)

porting stuff to other devices is a pain and very frustrating. Working your way from one error to the next one just to fix it and create a new one is to tedious.

The gaming market is garbage. new console? No I dont think so... Graphics card? Need it for mining sorry.... you can buy stuff at 300% ok?

I became a patreon for because I highly depend on it. Please consider supporting open source projects financially if you like them. This community would not exist without donations.

yikes, the first time drinking something in months (covid) and I cant even handle a few beers.

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How have I never heard of before? Seems like a cool thing

I can not repeat often enough how fucking great is. It has changed my entire Workflow and only costs as much as the VPS its hosted on.

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There are two types of people in this world.

Avoid them both.

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