At #FOSSASIA Duane O'Brien reminds us that more than half of #opensource lives in places other than GitHub.

Think twice before you rely on proprietary platforms for your #FLOSS work. And before you judge people based on GitHub profiles.

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There are only two options - self host or rely on centralized platform. History shows that self hosting is a #1 way to kill your project - when it's alive it's just disconnected from community, and when it's no longer active it just disappears from the net.

So there's no choice than to use centralized platform, and among these it's counter-productive to chose other than most popular one, so GH only.

If you don't like this, invest into federated code hosting development.

@AMDmi3 I call bullshit on that theory unless you can cite some sources. I've been looking for data to support that claim for years and nothing's ever been demonstrated to back it up.

@downey @AMDmi3 If someone's view into a community depends on a centralized platform then that's their own self-inflicted limitation.

As one data point, most projects I'm involved with are self-hosted, well known, widely used, and can easily be discovered by searching the web.


That's merely a limitation of projects deliberately distancing themselves from community.

For your data point I've got mine, which is 12 year package maintainer experience, and that includes a lot of ex-self hosted (now dead and unreachable) projects, and a lot of patches not upstreamed because it's nonsense to spend time for registration on each self hosted derelict.

All pending, discussed and past contributions in one place on GH on other hand.

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