For those of you who want to use Tusky, and still value the big "F" in Free(dom), there is now a free fork of Tusky without the Russian/Chinese approach of blocking.
It installs seperate, so you can try it out without ditching your existing setup.

Modern programmer: REST Web microservices on Kubernetes with NoSQL
Me: I have a PostgreSQL database and a Python monolith written yesterday.

is now better integrated with . The latter now allows direct references to Repology entries for software projects, and Repology uses this very information to match Wikidata entities to software it knows.

In the future this may be further extended as Wikidata contains a lot of nicely structured information.

I've seen some related toots lately, so I'd like to share my idea on it again.

So, if you use recaptcha on your site, why not require users to FAIL it to pass? It will still cut off bots which will unlikely attempt to solve it, but it may also a) spoil some datasets, and b) make google ban more networks effectively disrupting its service.

For instance, I've switched to search mostly because of Google treating me as a bot.

I'm starting to suspect there's something wrong with on , as both it's consumers I have, and , are crashing randomly on me, null pointer dereference each time in different place of juajit guts. I was terrified by discovering that it doesn't even have a testsuite. Try to write one in hope to reproduce the bug?

So I've updated port of SDL2_image to fix recent RCE vulnerabilities. Judging by Repology, I was fast :)

However it makes be wonder if SDL_image has the very same vulns...

Hey, I'm planning to make an official package of . Is it a good idea? It would be not if the game is unplayable and/or is going to change much in the future which would break savegames.

@Hawk1291 IIRC the Palemoon devs:
- are hostile towards distros
- don't appear to be knowledgable about security
- have their own fork NSS (the crypto library used by Firefox) and modify some sensitive parts of it
- keep their projects based on an old version of Firefox, don't backport security fixes, yet claim their browser is secure

Note that it's all hearsay, I don't have a quote for any of those, and I don't remember where I heard that from, so half of it may as well be false.

Today was productive. I've submitted compatibility fixes to Python aiohttp module (fixes mypy --strict on projects using aiohttp) and successfully investigated crash which affected my setup, PR submitted as well.

With , you can just fix all the bugs yourself, this feels great.

Single column mastodon interface is definitely a bit of UX sanity at last. However, I don't see a way to add custom hashtags and combinations of thereof with it, which draws is unusable.

I'm quite disappointed by IPv6 adoption rates. While Google graph shows slow but steady rise, Repology visits show no progress during 2018. I wonder what I can do to help. For starters, I'm going to add IPv6 reachability reporting of homepage and download URLs mentioned in packages to Repology and celebrate June 6th by going IPv6 only for 24 hours.

In case you are package maintainer, you should check out. It's a web service which compares package versions in 250+ repositories (yours is most likely supported) and reports outdated versions (with per-maintainer feeds) and a lot of other information.

If you're author you should check it out too, as it gives you a nice overview of how and where your project is packaged, including links to package sources and update history. There are badges too!

Discovery of the month: Linux doesn't have SIGINFO. Amazing.

Here's a basic visual comparison of vs. . Signal to noise ratio, indeed.

I've just realized is now installed by default on instead of , so I gave it a try. Well I'd say it's similar enough, so you''ll feel familiar if you've used gdb. Yet it looks much more polished and convenient in many tiny details.

The fact it doesn't shove GPL crap into my face at start is a killer feature on its own.

Many of the computing decisions made by the general public are driven by advertising and “what I use at work” ... very little thought given to what those decisions mean or why they’re being given those options. Massive need for critical thinking and help.

authors have absolutely no sense of usability. Take new UI themes which look like all tool icons are disabled. Take "Save" dialog which won't allow you to save because you need to use "Export". Also total incompatibility with tiled WMs.

Yes, Dell, I have some questions. Honestly I was suspicious for some time, as laptop got bulky, but then it just cracked open on me. Well, works fine with battery removed, who needs it anyway.

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