Also, I worry about climate change, in addition to social disasters like Snowden describes. But the silver lining is that these problems solve each other: If we all die from an ecological disaster, we no longer need to worry about the CIA and NSA. And conversely, if life becomes a dystopian panopticon, we can let climate change destabilize it beyond maintainability!

TIL you can make other people unfollow you on GitHub by blocking and unblocking them.

FOSS could also mean "Fuck Off Spying Services"

is a neat tool to find out what version of an application various distro's are carrying. Hopefully with Notion 4, when we go back from the exotic Ion license to plain , we'll do a lot better there again!

"There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things."

I'd replace both with choosing right logging severity level.

Google haters paradox: while I fully agree with people who say that the purpose of everything develops is just more privacy invasion and data collection, Google is still much more trustworthy than these people.

was amazingly effective in making me switch to with their craptcha, yet they fail miserably in preventing my bot from scanning their SERP 24/7 for months.

In case you're interested the key to success was using elinks user agent (seem to prevent them from using some ways of clientside bot detection) and do no more than one request per minute. Not much, but quite enough for monitoring you site positions in search results.

About 10 years ago seemed like preferable way to host source packages because of its mirror system which greatly increased distfile availability.

Nowadays half of its mirrors do not respond, others give unimaginable in 2020 speeds like 10-100 kBps. In addition, whole sourceforge infrastructure is frequently down lately.

So today it's preferable to avoid this dump at all costs.

and idea: a mechanized bird feeder which retracts as a bird tries to peck. Would be fun to see it in action.

Today I've discovered that order of INSERTed data matters in . Inserting randomly ordered data (like, a result of HashAggregate which may be used to perform `INSERT INTO .. FROM SELECT .. JOIN ..`) may lead to thrashing if affected indexes do not fit into shared_buffers. The solution is obviously to add ORDER BY.

So, 72.0 seems to have killed the ability to place tab bar below the location bar again, and there doesn't seem to be a way to easily fix it with user CSS. I guess that there's no other choice than to start patching it.

It's a nice chance to get acquainted with its internals though, remove garbage like pocket and telemetry, and invent the name which humiliates the most.

Unfortunately, introduction of new features (such as PEP 572 - Assignment Expressions) into real codebases is hindered by lagging tools support.

Such as, PEP572 is still not supported neither by nor by .

Developers shouldn't distribute their own software - - […] Note: This article presumes that proprietary/nonfree software is irrelevant, and so should you. […] #OpenSource #rr

Feels nice to finally return some technical debt. Shamefully, I have some bugs assigned to me since 2017, but I'm finally at squishing them.

The biggest one is port update which I'm going to commit tomorrow, another is update to 2019.1 which also requires and other dependencies update (pending maintainer feedback/timeout).

After these, only 3 ancient bugs left!

Finally switched to 3.8 on my desktop. Two problems discovered so far: devel/talloc port does not build [1] and there's hang [2] in multiprocessing.Pool in one of my scripts.


I will never ever use a software which is under the Hippocratic License. I wouldn't able to write half of my posts, because it would offend some person or part of a community.

And I care about my free expression, more than a made up license with the aim of "just to be different".

So I just continue to use Emacs... xD

(note this post was written in Brave browser)

#Software #SoftwareLicensing #License #OpenSource #FreeSoftware #FLOSS #FOSS #HippocraticLicense

The wonderful (and hacky) #en_DK #locale is now available in #FreeBSD as a port (misc/locale-en_DK):

Have fun!

A tiling, tabbed window manager for X11

We're gearing up for Notion 4!

Get it from - new keyboard reference at

Tell us what you think!

has used software versions from as one of its sources for almost two years, and now it's time to give back. The bot which fills package information for software projects in Wikidata based on data from Repology is complete, had been approved and had already filled most of Gentoo and Arch packages known to Repology. I love this kind of synergy.

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