New 256 core servers arrived
Everybody suddenly investigating contention in allocator

We MUST identify individuals among us who have signed open letter. We also must identify people who have signed RMS support letter.

We need to thank people from both groups as people who _deeply care for Free Software movement_.

"Damn kids, they're all alike."

Who is more hypocrite here?

I'd say the Linux's leaders that, gamed like noobs, blame the hackers that outsmarted them proving that they rely on trust and that there is a huge lack of #security in the kernel development process.

They blame the hackers.
Easy target.

But the greatest hypocrisy here is pretending these scolars were the first to introduce vulnerabilities fooling them.

They were not.

#hackers #linux #security #OpenSource

A little hack I've discovered today for ones who can't and don't want to get accustomed with nonsense `main` branches in git.

You can name you local branches as you like, but the problem is that you cannot do usual `git rebase origin/master` if remote branch is named differently.

The trick is `echo 'ref: refs/remotes/origin/main' > .git/refs/remotes/origin/master` which creates origin/master as an alias to origin/main, so you can always use `master` name.

The "Good Boy Licence", another example of funny people making life difficult for everyone in #web, #technology and #FOSS.

So e.g. are excluded, or can they be good boys, too? (Among other difficulties pointed out in my review).

So apparently the #OSI, an organization which only exists to arbitrarily give a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down to #opensource software licenses, is expanding their scope "beyond license approval." It's not really clear what that means, which makes me nervous.

Not long ago there were efforts by the likes of Coraline Ada Ehmke to infiltrate the #freesw movement and undermine the #meritocracy that makes #FOSS software work. We'll have to keep an eye on this; the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

Our CEO just referred to SaaS as "Software as a hostage" and I think that's pretty spot on.

Just tried installing #FreeBSD

It took like 3 minutes tops

Installing Ubuntu took 2 hours...

Many know , some remember a game featured in one of the issues Despite the first look it's an exploration game with vast handdrawn world with a lot of objects of interest, jokes and references to geek culture.

I've made a () desktop version with saving, minimap and teleportation slots. If you haven't yet explored this masterpiece by Randall Munroe, you still have a chance, in a more convenient way than in browser.

@AMDmi3 @happybeing

> <anarcat> i'd like to integrate pgp signing into tor's coding practices more, but so far, my approach has been "sign commits" and the verify step was "TBD"

> <dkg> that's the main reason i've been reluctant to sign git commits. i haven't heard anyone offer a better subsequent step. if torproject could outline something useful, then i'd be less averse to the practice.

> i'm also pretty sad that git remains stuck on sha1, esp. given the recent demonstrations. all the fancy strong signatures you can make in git won't matter if the underlying git repo gets changed out from under the signature due to sha1's weakness…

/via… @kkremitzki

That comment relates to the database dump suggested in the previous comment, so is not relevant. What is needed is just a single file metadata dump in the same format as JSON API. It does not need any deltas, schema changes, management and administration apart from probably setting up a cron job once.

What grants are you speaking of? I'm not a commercial entity, I need the data for the f/oss project built on pure enthusiasm for the benefit of other f/oss project and package maintainers.

@brainwane Hi! I've seen you're pypa/warehouse developer, how possible do you think it would be to publish a dump of all PyPI packages metadata as a plain file? I desperately need it for , and there's no other way to obtain the data, as iterating all packages over API is too slow, unreliable, not future proof and requires a dedicated service, and BigQuery datasets require Google account which is not an option either.

Some people recommend migration from to or even more marginal "censor-free" code hosting facilities like . Now I wonder if any of these will ever fight for their projects like GitHub does for -dl, or just remove it as soon as they are ordered to.

Tried switching from to actions for one of my projects cause travis builds have terrible lag lately. Found it quite usable, although there's unfortunately no dashboard of all my build statuses.

Switch successful so far, the only problem encountered is aiohttp module which needs its cython files regenerated, issue reported:

Also, Wen Heping is going to import python 3.9 into the ports tree this weekend:

Switching codebase to python 3.9 now.

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3 days since was released, and it's still not in ports tree, shame. Gotta update it locally - seems to be as easy as copy over python38, update plist, and add new version to Mk/Uses/

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