Time to finish up and commit some accumulated work-in-progress on .

Yeah yeah Russia is invading Ucrania, we are all going to die, we already knew that... Like we lived to much already, more than we actually hoped when nuclear bombs were created.
But can we actually talk about important stuff? Like we need a World Cup of Super Tux Kart, think about it...
#linux #opensource #juegos #stk #war

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Родители собирают ребёнка в школу, так мило

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section added to . It lists recent CVEs linked to Repology projects (and thus, repository packages).


Not many are aware of file flags, and `nodump` flag in particular, but it's a very useful magic. Lets you mark (`chflags nodump`) a few files/directories (which you don't want to include into dumps/backups) and then exclude them when doing backups (`tar --nodump`) and measuring data size (`du -n`).

PS. Just checked Linux manpages it it seems it doesn't support this. Wow, really?

I've really hoped that migrating from rotten Travis CI to actions would give me an up to date CI environment. Well that was naïve, atm GitHub is still serving Ubuntu 20.04 which causes ridiculous build problems due to its outdatedness.

Many thanks to devs for providing comprehensive data on packages in their repositories to . The more data from repositories the more use for package maintainers and project developers.


A question to native English speakers: can you read this as "(anti-hair) fall" instead of "anti-(hair fall)"? Every time I see this I imagine cold winds which bring radioactive fallout which, well, makes your hair fall out. Or invasion of parasitic creatures which mimic dry leaves and feed on kerotin...

New 256 core servers arrived
Everybody suddenly investigating contention in allocator

We MUST identify individuals among us who have signed open letter. We also must identify people who have signed RMS support letter.

We need to thank people from both groups as people who _deeply care for Free Software movement_.

"Damn kids, they're all alike."


Who is more hypocrite here?

I'd say the Linux's leaders that, gamed like noobs, blame the hackers that outsmarted them proving that they rely on trust and that there is a huge lack of #security in the kernel development process.

They blame the hackers.
Easy target.

But the greatest hypocrisy here is pretending these scolars were the first to introduce vulnerabilities fooling them.

They were not.

#hackers #linux #security #OpenSource

A little hack I've discovered today for ones who can't and don't want to get accustomed with nonsense `main` branches in git.

You can name you local branches as you like, but the problem is that you cannot do usual `git rebase origin/master` if remote branch is named differently.

The trick is `echo 'ref: refs/remotes/origin/main' > .git/refs/remotes/origin/master` which creates origin/master as an alias to origin/main, so you can always use `master` name.

The "Good Boy Licence", another example of funny people making life difficult for everyone in #web, #technology and #FOSS.


So e.g. @djangogirls@twitter.com are excluded, or can they be good boys, too? (Among other difficulties pointed out in my review).

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