Feels nice to finally return some technical debt. Shamefully, I have some bugs assigned to me since 2017, but I'm finally at squishing them.

The biggest one is port update which I'm going to commit tomorrow, another is update to 2019.1 which also requires and other dependencies update (pending maintainer feedback/timeout).

After these, only 3 ancient bugs left!

Finally switched to 3.8 on my desktop. Two problems discovered so far: devel/talloc port does not build [1] and there's hang [2] in multiprocessing.Pool in one of my scripts.

[1] bugs.freebsd.org/bugzilla/show
[2] bugs.freebsd.org/bugzilla/show

I will never ever use a software which is under the Hippocratic License. I wouldn't able to write half of my posts, because it would offend some person or part of a community.

And I care about my free expression, more than a made up license with the aim of "just to be different".

So I just continue to use Emacs... xD

(note this post was written in Brave browser)

#Software #SoftwareLicensing #License #OpenSource #FreeSoftware #FLOSS #FOSS #HippocraticLicense

A tiling, tabbed window manager for X11

We're gearing up for Notion 4!

Get it from github.com/raboof/notion - new keyboard reference at notionwm.net/notion4keys.html

Tell us what you think!

has used software versions from as one of its sources for almost two years, and now it's time to give back. The bot which fills package information for software projects in Wikidata based on data from Repology is complete, had been approved and had already filled most of Gentoo and Arch packages known to Repology. I love this kind of synergy.

8 support was added to :


Honestly, I didn't expect it to be so gravely outdated right from the start.

The diversity hires are yet again trying to take down the titans of the free and open source software community.

#rms #foss


If your service or application accesses any third party sites on the web, don't forget to set a descriptive User-Agent header.

In my case this resulted in a pull request from authors of the side which I've scrapped (crates.io), updating my parser for their API changes:



I've noticed some in the Python community trying to make Python friendlier for people who don't "get" or care about #FOSS, who use Windows, and prefer proprietary tools... That's seems a self-defeating development, and a major educational opportunity missed.

For those of you who want to use Tusky, and still value the big "F" in Free(dom), there is now a free fork of Tusky without the Russian/Chinese approach of blocking.
It installs seperate, so you can try it out without ditching your existing setup.


Modern programmer: REST Web microservices on Kubernetes with NoSQL
Me: I have a PostgreSQL database and a Python monolith written yesterday.

is now better integrated with . The latter now allows direct references to Repology entries for software projects, and Repology uses this very information to match Wikidata entities to software it knows.

In the future this may be further extended as Wikidata contains a lot of nicely structured information.

I've seen some related toots lately, so I'd like to share my idea on it again.

So, if you use recaptcha on your site, why not require users to FAIL it to pass? It will still cut off bots which will unlikely attempt to solve it, but it may also a) spoil some datasets, and b) make google ban more networks effectively disrupting its service.

For instance, I've switched to search mostly because of Google treating me as a bot.

I'm starting to suspect there's something wrong with on , as both it's consumers I have, and , are crashing randomly on me, null pointer dereference each time in different place of juajit guts. I was terrified by discovering that it doesn't even have a testsuite. Try to write one in hope to reproduce the bug?

So I've updated port of SDL2_image to fix recent RCE vulnerabilities. Judging by Repology, I was fast :)

However it makes be wonder if SDL_image has the very same vulns...

Hey, I'm planning to make an official package of . Is it a good idea? It would be not if the game is unplayable and/or is going to change much in the future which would break savegames.

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