I've just released a new minor version of Project: Starfighter:


This release fixes a bug with controllers that have analog triggers (like the Xbox 360 controller for instance) and enables proper analog control rather than the digital conversions it previously used.

@AMDmi3 They were abandoned but I'm picking them back up slowly but surely. I have a new website for ReTux but no new release yet:


And Hexoshi is waiting on the ReTux update (which is actually more difficult than the Hexoshi update since I have to make sure to preserve the existing levels in ReTux).

So I'm like a security guy now, submitting CVE metadata fixes to NIST NVD for problems discovered by (thanks to NVD people for being responsive btw). Also I'm now monitoring new CVEs stream to find missing CPE bindings and make sure all new CVEs are reported by Repology as vulnerable package versions. Recent CVEs are, for instance.

This is cool. I feel that the project is uniting more parts of ecosystem.

look, i know pulseaudio gets a lot of hate, but it deserves a lot more

Just realized how software versions are curious from mathematical point of view - for instance, there's infinite number of non-negative elements which are less than zero (like 0beta1).

Just got an idea that pandemic is similar to Ponzi scheme - you're profitable if you join among the first (e.g. until the health system is overloaded and you get the proper treatment) or don't join at all.

Really want an old plague mask and walk around the neighborhood.

I've always been upset of how russian countryside steadily dies out as people have to move to cities seeking for jobs, while in XXI a lot of jobs may be done remotely, giving people more freedom of where to live. I'd gladly move to a village to forget about smoke, crowds, traffic jams and rapacious estate prices. I hope that the pandemic will help spread the idea of remote work.

Pics: abandoned village in Russia.

"Ethical software" is not open source software, and anyone who tries to tell you that it is is a goddamn liar. #programming #opensource #foss

Abolish “Codes of Conduct” and all the Orwellian doublespeak that goes with them. It's less bad that people sometimes got their feelings hurt than it is to institutionalize a means by which dissenting opinions are crushed under the rubric of “not nice”.

Eric S Raymond


Source: lunduke.com/posts/2020-03-9-b/

#OSI #OpenSource #OpenSourceInitiative #FOSS #FLOSS #CoC #orwell #DoubleSpeak #EEE #openwashing

We are planning to release Notion 4.0.0 in 2 weeks, at 2020-03-17!

The woman who's been harassing random #freesoftware developers to use her "Code of Conduct" and writing software specifically designed to mock and exclude people is running for the Board the Open Source Initiative.


Shit like this is why I keep telling you guys, you can't rely on organizations to dictate to you what #opensource is no matter how good their intentions are.

#gnu #fsf #icanhearrmsscreaming

now has an experimental feature of listing projects which were packaged in a lot of repositories recently. This weeks trending projects are libfido2 and lunch or, likely because of openssh 8.2 release.


I've always been amazed by cyclopic landscapes of Blame! by Tsutomu Nihei. Just got an idea that this setting could be implemented as a mod. The engine could even allow working GBE!

TIL you can make other people unfollow you on GitHub by blocking and unblocking them.

FOSS could also mean "Fuck Off Spying Services"

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