Currently learning basics for python, so i am in need of taking notes of my codes, saving them somewhere, so thought to ask for some recommendation for note-taking app. So just wanted to know where do you save your codes :morty:

Watched Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal's new 6th episode "PLAGUE OF MADNESS". 😍
Hopefully fang is alive 😳 , it was awesome.
Searched it a lot It wasn't in many torrent sites, found this link at last, anyone could get it from

Just flashed Lineage OS , what are some must have foss apps you use?
Recommend me some.

Why peertube is slow cant play video even in 240p its so laggy

Just watched mr robot's last season👹 Just hated Angela so much dont know why, my fav episode was when she got shot.
overall a confusing character 🤔


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