@marco-bresciani Post updated with an interesting (for me) information from one of the possible solutions.

@mike oh, didn't know that one. There are actually many different tracking things for objects.
I'm also thinking about something similar for my little kid, that loves to wander in the woods... But it's still five years old, and is very easy for him to hide. 😁
I should write my foreseen FOSS solution in a blog post...

@mike cool. But it's floor tiles, bathroom tiles, space shuttle tiles, ... What?
And... Purple. Wow. 🤣😂

@raistlin sono stati presi di sorpresa... 🤦🏻‍♂️

Differences between and ?
: bunch of advertisements even in "special editions", non-skippable anti-piracy message, usually poor menu and graphics.
: no ads, way quicker anti-piracy message, and the movie starts immediately; then, if you want, you can even reach the menu.
(My half-Japanese child, 5 years old, prefers Japanese ones...)

Moved to to follow both _that_ social network and or own favourite Mastodon instance.

@e0ipso did a few years ago while self studying Ruby. Nice service and IDEs!

RT @pwnallthethings@twitter.com

Will someone in Silicon Valley please invent Newsflix where I can pay $X per month and then never interact with a news site paywall ever again please

🐦🔗: twitter.com/pwnallthethings/st

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