Follow request after refreshing the screen from above...
@matt @write_as @hund @dajbelshaw ideas anyone? It seems the follow does not work...

Hey @AAMfP, I believe some instances of Mastodon have trouble following WriteFreely blogs due to security settings. This was recently brought up here:, but I need to personally investigate.

Sorry it's not working at the moment! I'll keep you updated as we get this fixed.

@write_as @hund @dajbelshaw

@matt Thank you very much! 👍 I'm always on the lucky side of the troubles. 😂

@AAMfP Heh, no problem at all. Thank you for understanding!

@AAMfP @write_as @hund @dajbelshaw Just sent out a fix for this that *should* work now! Let me know if you still run into any trouble.

Trying, but seems not happy.
Still waiting for follow.
And the test post I just did is not visible.
@write_as @hund @dajbelshaw

@AAMfP Hmm, I'm able to follow it from another instance, but not from one I've already tried following from (where it didn't work before). Unfortunately this might be a case where your instance admin needs to delete the remote user @marco-bresciani and then you can try following again 😕

@write_as @hund @dajbelshaw

@kev or @mike could you please help, somehow, by deleting my remote self? 🤔 @write_as @hund @dajbelshaw

@AAMfP Did a refresh of the remote profile. The only other thing we could potentially do is suspend the account temporarily and then unsuspend it. Doing that would remove all local cached files. That should NOT be necessary though. Give it another go and let me know how it works (or doesn't).

@matt @kev @write_as @hund @dajbelshaw

No, Mike. I still see the pending icon and seems cannot follow it.
I've tried to post a couple of things but no luck.
(I swear that if this will work I'll post something on my weird blog every working day for at least a week! 😁)
Time to sleep here. See you tomorrow.
Thank you all.
@matt @kev @write_as @hund @dajbelshaw

@AAMfP OK, I suspended the account, physically told the instance to delete any and all data that was cached about the account. After that was complete, I unsuspended the account and refreshed the profile. If that doesn't do it, I'm not sure what will. That's about the most extreme measure we can take.

@matt @kev @write_as @hund @dajbelshaw

@AAMfP Just as a test, I was able to follow and it doesn't appear to be pending. I can't see any posts, but I believe only new posts will be synced. I'll have to wait until you post something new to verify things are coming across.

@matt @kev @write_as @hund @dajbelshaw

@AAMfP Well, the button DID say unfollow, but now it's saying "Cancel Follow Request". Not sure what that means, but I don't think this is an issue with Fosstodon.

@matt @kev @write_as @hund @dajbelshaw

Sorry for the delay, bad week at work (we're the second level support team, this week)
I just published a thing.
Now I'll try to follow myself and see.
@matt @kev @write_as @hund @dajbelshaw

Indeed it's not working. Tried with three posts.
@matt ideas?

Is there someone else here that is using @write_as and following itself?

@matt @kev @write_as @hund @dajbelshaw

@AAMfP Seems like something else is going on... after some more debugging, I've gotten to this point:

Will let you know if I find out anything else. And thanks for taking a look, @mike!

@write_as @kev @hund @dajbelshaw

@AAMfP Okay figured it out! Here's the issue:

I just created a post that should make sure your instance starts delivering to again (if this was indeed the issue). Can you see if your follow request went through? Or try it again, and then refresh the page? You shouldn't see the "Cancel follow request" button if it worked.

@mike @write_as @kev @hund @dajbelshaw

@AAMfP @matt @mike @write_as @hund @dajbelshaw please untag me going forward. This isn’t a Fosstodon issue.

@hund how? I didn't think you could mute conversations, just people?

@AAMfP @matt @mike @write_as @dajbelshaw

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@AAMfP Yeah, seems like something else now... We're discussing it on GitHub:

Will update you when we make some kind of progress!

Good! I've tried mentioning myself as described, and I saw the post.
Then I've followed myself, but seems I'm not able to see the other post. Let's see how it goes.

Thank you very much, again.

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