@Framasoft any alternative to Tresorit? Safe, privacy-concerned, E2E encryption, remote but accessible.

@AAMfP I don't really know (but I'm just the person tooting for Framasoft). You can ask on our forum (mainly in French, I'm afraid) here

We can also ask @switchingsoftware who are great at knowing alternatives...

And if you want, I can boost your toot to our community !

I've seen @nextcloud on @switchingsoftware but it seems much more than Tresorit and I don't need all those functionalities. Just a cloud backup with E2EE... Let's see what the community says.

@AAMfP @Framasoft @nextcloud @switchingsoftware

I mean, it might be a bit of a bastardization of their original intent, but @keybase might be able to handle your backups.

I'd also look at using keybase/PGP to encrypt an rsync stream (or just rely on SSH keys) and just using Cron or some other scheduler to run the rsync/PGP script.

As an avid NextCloud user, it's a great platform but may be more than what your looking for.

@AAMfP @Framasoft @nextcloud @switchingsoftware Maybe syncthing could be an option. It's end2end encrypted, but it doesn't use a server, the connections are from one device to the other.

@josealberto4444 @AAMfP @Framasoft @nextcloud @switchingsoftware

Nextcloud's E2EE is still in alpha/beta phase. The only similar open source service is Least Authority (Tahoe-LAFS). Seafile CE is FOSS, but its E2EE is not so good. Closed source options are also pCloud and Sync, but Tresorit is better IMHO.

Cryptomator + whatever might be an option

If you need only backup, Duplicati makes encrpyted backups, so you can use any cloud provider

Until Nextcloud's E2EE is good enough, I'll use Tresorit :|

Thanks. So I'll keep checking @nextcloud to see how the E2EE evolves. In the meanwhile I can experiment with other solutions.
@josealberto4444 @Framasoft @switchingsoftware

Thank you. Tahoe-LAFS is a very interesting concept and I might take a look and experiment.
@josealberto4444 @Framasoft @nextcloud @switchingsoftware

@engineering @josealberto4444 @Framasoft @nextcloud @switchingsoftware
🤦🏻‍♂️ Tahoe is command line only... Bit messy too: virtual env, python, ... 🙄

Thank you all.
I think I'll go with @nextcloud through YourOwnNet.Eu
What do you think? Probably E2EE is not yet 100%, but it's the easiest one.
@josealberto4444 @Framasoft @nextcloud @switchingsoftware

Thank you. Syncthing seems nice. I actually have to find out another place where to sync my things, though. I'd prefer to also have a remote backup in case of theft or house damages or things like that. I have to better check on this as well.
@Framasoft @nextcloud @switchingsoftware

Yup. Thank you. Found it this afternoon. Very nice, but I have to D&D the files manually, if I've properly understood. If I have to sync a local copy of a DVCS repository, or the folder of my local portable Sylpheed, it seems messy...

@AAMfP @Framasoft you should be able to mount the container as an external drive.

Looks like nextcloud does a lot more than tresorit, but did you have a look at seafile?

Thank you. I'd love to have a self hosted solution (probably the best for privacy, not sure about how to reach data from outside home network), but I prefer a "cloud" one to avoid data losses in case of theft, damages at home and so on. (My 2 years old son already dropped my backup USB disk from 2m high... €700 to restore 97% of data🤦🏻‍♂️)
But about their cloud solution, it's not clear to me the amount of available storage on seafile.

@AAMfP @djiko_iko @Framasoft you can selfhosted Seafile on a VPS.
It's easy tout do.
Official Docker image or #yunohost (installation = 1 click, really easy)

I used Seafile on selfhosted solution for years now, to replace Google Drive.

Works like a charm 👌

Yes, but is also love to have a remote backup, in case of damage or theft at home. Self host is the best solution, but I need a remote backup copy anyway.
@djiko_iko @Framasoft

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