@AAMfP secondo me il ministero dell'istruzione dovrebbe capire che le fondamenta dell'informatica sono necessarie per la vita di tutti i giorni, e muoversi di conseguenza. Dalle elementari all'università. @GustavinoBevilacqua

@AAMfP it's because they're an ill society. The surprise inside of egg isn't visible and it's illegal.

No, I can't understand

Nella diapositiva, un monomaniaco sessuale che vuole mettere le mani della politica negli uteri altrui.

Qualcuno gli spieghi che l'accesso a servizi di IVG legali e sicuri è un diritto umano universale, declinazione del diritto alla salute.

Students, please apply. Attending Black Hat is an extremely valuable opportunity, in particular at the beginning of your career!

RT @BlackHatEvents@twitter.com

The Black Hat USA Student Scholarship is now open. Student applicants can apply to be awarded a complimentary Briefings pass, either in-person or virtually. Learn more about the requirements and apply here: informatech.co/3uXkPln

🐦🔗: twitter.com/BlackHatEvents/sta

@luka right hand knuckle tattoos say "I S O -" left hand knuckle tattoos say "8 6 0 1"

i want to get a life without using non-free software like richard matthew stallman

I've started my own instance of Mastodon: unstraight.club

Limited (max 100 people) in order to create a cozy and rich local timeline.

Target group is unstraight geeks into #popculture #sciencefiction #videogames #speculativefiction and are interested in making new friends.

🇬🇧 Here is a call! Exodus #application is developed by volunteers, but we want to increase the rhythm. So we're searching for a #Kotlin developer for #Android who would like to help us on this. It's paid, obviously. If you're a #freelance and interested, do not hesitate to contact us!

@AAMfP you're definitely not being older. I agree 100% and recommend everyone to know how to orient themselves, navigate with a watch and a map/compass, and for goodness sake learn to find information in books. At least, the charm of the good old devices and technologies can't be removed. Who knows when they'll be needed again?

@AAMfP Hmm this was a pretty new PC, so my hopes to be able to live without proprietary drivers weren't high. But Trisquel is definitely on my list of distros to try.

I made a 2001-era emoji font! That you can use! meowni.ca/posts/og-emoji-font/

You know the scenes in Friends when Ross starts talking about dinosaurs and he’s SUPER excited but everyone else is losing the will to live? This is basically that, only instead of dinosaurs, it’s emoji, and unlike Ross, I have never successfully befriended a monkey.

Something about these e..#Emoji(inhji.de/notes/i-made-a-2001-e)

Ricicliamo memi, la cui autorialità non è importante, che qua tra macchine digitali, rete e scrittura, il dubbio di non essere umano o di de-umanizzarsi verso la macchina ogni tanto arriva...


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