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@SciencePhysicist Another proof of Porn push the technology forward. ( Video encode, streaming, VR...)

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New v.15.1.2 PATCH release.
See savannah.nongnu.org/forum/foru for the release note.
spreadsheet working on free software @libreoffice.
Have fun. See the flow. Do 改善.

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Just a suggestion for people who want to cross post from Mastodon to Twitter. Mastodon by default has an RSS feed of your account. Just add .rss to your profile address like this:


Using this method, any service that posts to Twitter from RSS can act as a cross poster.

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So I dove into setting up a blog that would meet the ethical / privacy standards of the community, but could also function like a normal website, with analytics and monetization. It might be possible:

- No share buttons to proprietary social media platforms.
- No plugins with 3rd party trackers.
- No affiliate marketing via unethical affiliate networks (example, Amazon)
- Matomo instead of Google Analytics.
- codefund.io/ instead of Google AdSense 🎉

Am I forgetting anything?

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@kev If only using the wrong date format and the wrong units of measure were the only things we got the wrong way round.

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Wishlist features for my favourite @Jami:
* Stability: often messages didn't come through and are lost with no possibility to try re-send them, even with other party connected, and it also loses connection (f-droid version);
* Reply To: with bottom posting (cites replied message);
* Group chats;
* More people using it 😉.

and are like a . It's always better to keep it sheathed and use it only when needed. If you're always wielding it, you'll scary everyone.
© 2020 my wife

@Jami I recently started seeing these spinners. It seems I can't connect with Jami. Ideas?

Help: except for Cubetto (primotoys.com/) are there free/open source and free/open hardware Robbie that I can buy to let my 4 years old child learn something?
Anky Cozmo is not open. The same for Aibo and many others.

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My wishes for 2020?

I wish that people start valuing their privacy and and

Glad 😡🤬 that @nextcloud had not answered me at all.
Still waiting for files recovery 🤬🤬, I'll soon be back to Tresorit, even if they're not free software.
YourOwnNet was a nice provider, though.

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That usb port makes this an interesting option as a portable emergency linux machine when paired with a portable keyboard. Use it as a handheld gaming device most of the time but keep a distro on a microsd stashed somewhere to swap into it.

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Hey @nextcloud, I've shared a folder then I went to the share page and clicked to "delete folder".
Why that command is there, instead of "delete share"?! 🤬
Also, the deleted folder was not in the trash 🤬 and my home PC was on, so it deleted the local folder!
It's a week I'm struggling with my NextCloud provider to recover it since it was very important.
I've just started one year subscription. I don't think I'll use NextCloud again, even if they'll be able to recover the folder.

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