What was taken from #FreeSoftware has been returned to it: after denying a refund for a pre-installed Windows, Lenovo had to pay 20.000 Euros to our volunteer and supporter Luca Bonissi.


Call to apply for FSFE support for your local project

If you currently look for financial funding for your FSFE activity, we are happy to support you: fsfe.org/news/2021/news-202102

Deadline: 18.April 2021

Clear point for @libreoffice : giving me options on .csv export on string escapes and separation character. Unlike MS Excel, which just saves along the system-wide language preferences and undisclosed own rules on which strings need to be escaped and which not.

🎉 Yesterday was the 5th anniversary of Liberapay’s launch. Like every year, a new blog post has been published to mark the occasion: medium.com/liberapay-blog/the-

@mike As a person who never has more that 5 tabs at most open, im also proud of you lol

Nella nostra newsletter di gennaio, troverai i programmi del 2021 inclusa la festa per il nostro anniversario, la nostra partecipazione al #FOSDEM, la campagna di quest'anno "Io amo il Software Libero" e i resoconti delle varie attività della comunità: fsfe.org/news/nl/nl-202101.it. #IloveFS

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Submitted (and got merged) my first "patch" to @libreoffice

The fix itself is quite minor: rewording a few sentences and fixing typos. But I am pretty #proud because of how much work it is to get setup with a dev environment, and to understand the submission process of such a massive #FLOSS project. Phew!


Fingers crossed it's not my first _and last_ commit to the project 😄

Day 5 of the (2020 series. Yeah, I'm a bit behind...).
Still have to wait for @matt for proper following myself. 🤔

We're thrilled to say that Fosstodon is now a proud member of the .

This is thanks to all the donations our members make, where any excess funding is donated to worthy projects.

If you want to contribute, see hub.fosstodon.org/support-us

Bloody hell, @mike is going in for round 2 of - I failed miserably last year due to some personal stuff going on, so I’ve been thinking about having another crack at it for 2021 too.


📈 Donations through Liberapay have reached €8000 this week. That's 150% more than a year ago, thanks to the 5977 patrons who are supporting 912 creators.

Happy new year everyone!

It's still 19:20 here in Italy but... Let's hope everyone's 2021 would be better than 2020!
Happy New Year!

So, while the good @matt is talking a look, let me summarize:
* Day 1 of , Queen Elizabeth II vs. Emperor Reiwa, write.as/marco-bresciani/queen
* Day 2, On EditorConfig and Editor Wars, write.as/marco-bresciani/on-ed
* Day 3, Software, Licenses and Machines, write.as/marco-bresciani/softw
* Day 4, On The Unified Theory of Everything (a.k.a. 42), write.as/marco-bresciani/on-th

Hey @AAMfP, I believe some instances of Mastodon have trouble following WriteFreely blogs due to security settings. This was recently brought up here: discuss.write.as/t/federation-, but I need to personally investigate.

Sorry it's not working at the moment! I'll keep you updated as we get this fixed.

@write_as @hund @dajbelshaw

Follow request after refreshing the screen from above...
@matt @write_as @hund @dajbelshaw ideas anyone? It seems the follow does not work...

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