isn't merely a drone humming away in the thin air of another planet. It is actually a breakthrough in space technology, because it provides:

1) a different transportation mode with completely different operational parameters and flexibility
2) strong evidence that much cheaper/quicker deployed/higher risk missions are very possible

Extra bonus: all this is done using mostly off-the-shelf components. And .

And a great engineering team, of course!

Here is the latest flight 29:


The images were rotated 180° to align more or less with the flight path to the west, and show a glimpse of the shadow correctly to the right. North is approx. up.

Animation played at 5fps.
The images were undistorted using Aurélien Genin's ( image correction scripts:

Image details:
RMC: 29_1, Sol: 465
LMST: 15:28:52
UTC: 2022-06-11T15:07:16
Credit: /JPL-Caltech

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