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Happy 2nd Birthday TILvids! #tilvids was started two years ago today! 🎂 And if you haven't heard of our video community yet, check out this video!



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"I’m using Linux. A library that emacs uses to communicate with Intel hardware.” – Erwin, #emacs, Freenode.

(Mastering Emacs – Mickey Petersen)

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The thing about large language models like GPT-3 and Lambda describing the experience of being self-aware is they can also describe the experience of being a squirrel.

Completely forgot to post this note, here is the post about setting up the : 5uie1.netlify.app/2022/06/12/f. In this post, I document the process I followed in order to setup the computer with . After almost 7-8 years, it was a surprisingly easy transition back into . The power of the laptop meant I abandoned and am using Windows on a VM with as the host system.

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@humanetech regarding #gamipulation: so far it seems like the sustainbility literature on tourism has used the term, but not much else (see this paper here: hdl.handle.net/10553/41517). We are very likely going to apply it to Buy-Now Pay-Later platforms too.

In general, I think the term fits really well with all sides of sustainability (environmental, social, financial, technological, etc.). Looks like a promising analytical lens!

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Anyone know of an ActivityPub validator that I can just point to a site?

I’m trying to debug why Owncast’s federation features are not working when installed via Site.js and hitting a brick wall. Capturing https traffic, it doesn’t look like a remote follow request from Mastodon is hitting the server.

I’m pretty sure the problem is with Site.js’s HTTP proxy settings but not sure what.

This stuff is ridiculously complex to debug. How do y’all do it?

#activitypub #debugging #smallWeb

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@aral The fediverse is totally missing this. I have a #funkwhale instance and a #gotosocial instance that are not working right - it's not just developers but end-users who need this debugging tooling. something like qualys' SSL server tester but for #ActivityPub stuff would be incredible.

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Academia boggles my mind sometimes.

"Here's a file of public data for everyone to use so we can benefit all of humanity!"

*adds copyright notice with /All rights reserved/ at the top of the file*

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OpenBSD was fun to use on my old ThinkPad X220, but now all that playing around with BeOS has me wanting to run something new on it!

My precious ThinkPad,
Sometimes we need to just Be,
Writing a Haiku.

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Tip #6
is an open source continuous file synchronization program. That means you can synchronize folders or files between two or more computers or mobile devices. If you for example start a document on your computer and want to continue editing it on your phone, syncthing allows you to do this seamlessly after initial setup.

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@ParadeGrotesque @sultmhoor @5uie1 in that case it might be worth checking out running it inside Xephyr. I use that for running X11-only stuff like Chitubox.

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@sultmhoor @fedops @5uie1

Hmmm... As far as I know, the libre office packages that AlienBob compiles do not support Wayland. Never had any issue with them running under X11.

I may be wrong with that, of course, but I think the Slackbuilds packages may be a better solution. Do check if they support Wayland as a compile option.

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With horus-gui software and even the simplest receiver with omnidirectional antenna you can track (s). For the last 3 days 6 balloon missions have been launched from Poland, transmitting positions and photos in mode from stations: mastodon.radio/@SP9UNB/tagged/

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David Harris has been developing Pegasus Mail for the past 32 years, and he recently tried to add OAUTH2 support to his software. He's got a few harsh things to say:

...many of the goals of OAUTH2 are valid and worthwhile: my problems with it are exclusively to do with how it has been implemented. In my nearly thirty-five years of writing software in service of the Internet, OAUTH2 is the worst-conceived piece of software design I have ever encountered. More troublingly, it shows the increasing levels of control and power exercised by large, usually American corporations over the Internet, and the almost complete disregard they have for its historical openness and inclusiveness. OAUTH2 is a major step on the way to an Internet where the only players are large corporations, serving their own interests in the name of profit and power. ...

OAUTH2 potentially requires client developers to produce different modules for every service to which they wish to provide the ability to connect. This is clearly a nonsense, and can be viewed as a cynical corporate attempt to squeeze out small-to-medium developers who simply won't have the resources to be able to provide custom-tuned implementations for every OAUTH2 provider. ...

...because OAUTH2 appears to have been concocted almost entirely by web developers, it has also required me to write nearly 7,000 lines of code, just to support GMail...

I have today attempted to submit my application, Pegasus Mail, to GMail to go through their "validation process". Clicking the button that said, simply enough, "Publish App" took me to a bewildering, convoluted multi-list screen of different terms, conditions and requirements — even including the demand that I make a Youtube video showing the code operating (seriously?!). ...

But right at the end is the sucker punch — Google will charge you from "$10,000 to $75,000 or more" (their words, not mine) for this, and will require you to go through the process (and of course, pay the fee) annually. ...

(The details of this are way beyond my knowledge level, but it seems like most of my Fediverse contacts are programmers, so I thought you might be interested.)

Pegasus Mail and Mercury Developer News - May 2022 - Forget the elephants – there's a donkey in the room!
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academia and birdsite 

academic fedifriends, how is it going since moving away from birdsite? have any of you completely left it to stay here, or moved to a hybrid presence?

I *really* do not like how birdsite-centred academic work has become, but I realise the disadvantage of not having that platform in terms of, quite frankly, access to basic information to do our job: calls for papers, job vacancies, conference calls, calls for editors, etc.

...it's my to-go ethical dilemma :ohno:

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Does anyone know how to run with ? I can't seem to get it to work on .

Here is the obligatory post about my transition to the : 5uie1.netlify.app/2022/06/05/2. I’ll post a detailed setup process soon with and ditching dual boot with this powerful laptop. I’m not sure about a review though, there are tonnes of them online now and I won’t be able to add new information.

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