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🟢 User Guide: OONI Probe Command Line Interface (CLI) 🐙 💫

Our new user guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to use OONI Probe CLI on macOS, Debian/Ubuntu Linux, and on Raspberry Pis! 😍

#ooni #ooniprobe #probecli #commandline #guide #userguide #linux #debian #ubuntu #RaspberryPi #macos

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When the in your team get new 32GB Core i9 2TB SSD and you're struggling to run Firefox, Outlook and Teams alongside your VM on an old .

@codeberg I recently tried to migrate a repo from GitLab to Codeberg but when trying to view it afterwards I kept hitting a 500 error. Strange as all my others migrated fine. I presume it was a migration issue rather than an issue your end. What are the minimum access permissions needed for read-only migration? If you have any specific migration guides that would be great. Thanks

I need to learn proper and avoid defaulting to console logs, trial and error etc. The temptation to nuke and pave a file is real when it becomes cluttered with commented out failed code. I've already done a short course on debugging, but without frequent practice, key techniques and tools are quickly forgotten.

Any ideas on the most efficient and lightweight method of adding a comments widget to a page.

Aside from the form etc on the , would this just involve securely posting input data with to some kind of or file on the server, then getting it back to display? Thanks in advance for suggestions.

This will be my next challenge after finishing my post tag filtering system.

My () path routine currently looks like this:
- Coffee
- 6am: Read dev-related articles, newsletters or blogs
- 6:30am: on Codecademy
- 7:30am: Develop website or other projects
- 8:30am: Start work

What's your routine?

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📌 Mark your calendars:
PrivChat #5 | Protecting Against Pegasus
Monday, Sept. 27 @ 17:00 UTC

Institutions invest billions annually into buying & building malicious spyware. What can journalists, activists, & human rights defenders do to protect themselves?

So here's my site's code - please be gentle (but not too gentle):

about nested arrays, their common methods, such as .slice() and .shift(), my .gitignore entries wasn't working because it was cached, and I should push my site's code to a public repo on my so others can see its (and my) development.

Do you have a strategy for added ? How many numbers do you have and what do you use them for? Do you go as far as never giving out your true number?

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@VincentTunru @5am @Zwifi Yes I do :) But I haven't updated it for a long while. I am still using an old version of NSS, but maybe if I did it today I would use CSS. I don't mind so much because I'm the only one using it, I don't host data for anyone else.

You can read about how I did it in my website. Since I wrote that, I haven't changed a single thing:



Anyone experimented with self-hosted Pods? I'm excited about the concept behind Solid and other decentralised, sovereign ID solutions, just haven't tried any of them yet.

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Anyone else seeing this? I made a comment that included "" and got this from Facebook.

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@kate Looks like they're desperate for funds. It is alarming, and we should support ff somehow.
If ff fails, the web will remain chromium-only (except maybe caves of gemini). That would leave google alone to set all the rules. Somewhat doomsday scenario. So don't be too picky and keep supporting ff. If they fail in funding, we all will get ads in chromium address bar or something worse.

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Any other users noticed ? I have a and I'm getting overheating middle of the night when phone is on charge. I suspect it's some backups process going haywire in the background because I keep noticing a Seedvault notification progress bar endlessly cycling. But I kill the process and the phone doesn't cool down. Bit lost for ideas...

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“...The government had access to my private emails and were sharing them with Congress and leaking them to the media. I felt invaded by my own government, punished for leading a civil rights organization.”

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