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"People aren’t so concerned about you as you think. We’ve all heard this universal truth that everyone is consumed with thinking about themselves. What this tells me is, we have an opportunity to be better advocates for ourselves. And to give ourselves more grace rather than worry about how our decisions are perceived."

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The beauty of custom for . Here I'm printing the sync status every 30 seconds with `tail -n 1 bitmonero.log | awk '{print $9}' | tr -d \(\)` and checking for upgradables once per day by printing the value for simulated upgraded packages after updating the repos and sending that stdout to /dev/null

@bbbhltz @fedops same situation with me, including trying MX once and not realising the difference.

My install is complete, just resized the root partition following 's trusty video guide. Any recommendations for ? I typically keep , and to hand, but I'm open to new ideas.

@bbbhltz I guess I've never known/used GNU/Linux without it, and I'm not experienced enough to know the ins and outs of its significance, flaws etc, though I do have a grasp of simple service management, creating files for custom services etc. That's one aspect I've always thought was great.

I'll be honest, I don't (yet) understand why so many people hate . Perhaps someone could point me to some good arguments for/against?

Productive day today, mostly tidying up my . Just have some study to do then I'm going to crack open a beer and give a whirl.

@selea I have to say I prefer their older stuff. Loved them ever since I discovered Shadows Are Security back in college.

Top tip: for those times when you can't into your and you don't want to pull the power, set up a on a '' to inject the keystrokes required for a shutdown or reboot. Recommended links below. Also be mindful to put in good delays between commands. I've found the login process can lag sometimes, and you don't want your script finishing prematurely.

Bad USB:

Ducky script examples:

@selea pretty much my work soundtrack band. Rediscovered them recently and now can't stop playing Awakened and An Ocean Between Us.

@espenator sounds good. My usage would be minimal to be honest. Occasional VMs for testing distros, apps, some dev work etc. I'd also have pretty limited RAM initially so may invest in more if I feel I'd use it.

about and now I'm keen to put one of my old laptops to work. I like the idea of connecting it, closing the lid, putting it out of the way and then experimenting with some and . I presume this would work just as well with a , but then there's the RAM limitations etc.

@dajbelshaw I see that Senior as more of a mentor and leader to that Junior, but I'm sure you're also right. I've certainly had the sense of new titles which aren't entirely accurate but in some way justify paying employees more, from the perspective of the employer.

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🟢 User Guide: OONI Probe Command Line Interface (CLI) 🐙 💫

Our new user guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to use OONI Probe CLI on macOS, Debian/Ubuntu Linux, and on Raspberry Pis! 😍

#ooni #ooniprobe #probecli #commandline #guide #userguide #linux #debian #ubuntu #RaspberryPi #macos

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When the in your team get new 32GB Core i9 2TB SSD and you're struggling to run Firefox, Outlook and Teams alongside your VM on an old .

@6543 I finally fixed my repo issue. It turns out it was just an invalid access token. I had one saved which I was sure was the correct one, but clearly not. When I deleted the repo, added a new GitLab token, everything worked fine. Thanks again.

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