The beauty of custom for . Here I'm printing the sync status every 30 seconds with `tail -n 1 bitmonero.log | awk '{print $9}' | tr -d \(\)` and checking for upgradables once per day by printing the value for simulated upgraded packages after updating the repos and sending that stdout to /dev/null

Top tip: for those times when you can't into your and you don't want to pull the power, set up a on a '' to inject the keystrokes required for a shutdown or reboot. Recommended links below. Also be mindful to put in good delays between commands. I've found the login process can lag sometimes, and you don't want your script finishing prematurely.

Bad USB:

Ducky script examples:

When the in your team get new 32GB Core i9 2TB SSD and you're struggling to run Firefox, Outlook and Teams alongside your VM on an old .


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